A question for TA nurses and 205(Scottish) Field Hospital(V)



A friend of mine has recently been sent a leaflet asking if she would like to join the TA as a student nurse.
She’s asked me to help find out a bit about what you do, and as I know very little about army nurses (other than you patch up booboos and I’d like to play doctors and nurses with some of you) I thought I’d try and get some info on ARRSE.

Her closest medic unit is 205(Scottish) Field Hospital (V) so I’d be particularly interested in hearing from anyone in that unit.

Here are her questions:

She’s currently working in a hospital as a child health care nurse, would the TA be able to make use of her current skills?

She’s currently reading for a degree in BN child health nursing. Would this degree be of any value to the TA?

How much time does a TA nurse have to commit (I assume 27 days like the rest of us??) and what exactly do you do on drill nights and weekends?

What trades are available for her (this is where you can tell I know nothing about nursing) and what does the training involve?

I’ve noticed that 205 Field Hospital seam to be located in both Edinburgh and Dundee, both locations are suitable for her. Is there any difference between the two of you in terms of what you do?

I’ve also noticed that 225 (Highland) Field Ambulance (V) is located in Dundee, what does your role involve?
I am pretty sure there will be a suitable position for her within that unit, however she would need to touch base with either the OC nursing or the Regular Nursing Officer, I am pretty sure that 205 are based in 4 locations = Aberdeen is a Sqn, Dundee is a Sqn, Edinburgh is a Sqn and Glasgow is a Sqn + Regimental Headquarters.

With regards to training you are correct in assuming that 27 days is the required number of days she will need to attend and as with most Fd Hospitals the drill nights involve many forms of training ranging from physical fitness, MATT's, Mil skills, trade training and many forms of clinical and management training.

225 has fewer Nurse slots than 205 due to it being a GS Regt and not a Hospital.

I will PM you a couple of numbers she can ring as a PSAO up there is a very good friend of mine.

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