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A friend of mine has recently been sent a leaflet asking if she would like to join the TA as a student nurse.
She’s asked me to help find out a bit about what you do, and as I know very little about army nurses (other than you patch up booboos and I’d like to play doctors and nurses with some of you) I thought I’d try and get some info on ARRSE.

Her closest medic unit is 205(Scottish) Field Hospital (V) so I’d be particularly interested in hearing from anyone in that unit.

Here are her questions:

She’s currently working in a hospital as a child health care nurse, would the TA be able to make use of her current skills?

She’s currently reading for a degree in BN child health nursing. Would this degree be of any value to the TA?

How much time does a TA nurse have to commit (I assume 27 days like the rest of us??) and what exactly do you do on drill nights and weekends?

What trades are available for her (this is where you can tell I know nothing about nursing) and what does the training involve?

I’ve noticed that 205 Field Hospital seam to be located in both Edinburgh and Dundee, both locations are suitable for her. Is there any difference between the two of you in terms of what you do?

I’ve also noticed that 225 (Highland) Field Ambulance (V) is located in Dundee, what does your role involve?
Am from 225 (S) DIV GSMR in Dundee we are more of a "field unit" we do role 2 med support which it basically from almost the front line as it were to the rear of a division back to a field hospiltal. As of the the nurse side of things they go straight in as an officer rank depends on what nursing qualifications they have. Their role within the unit would be in a medical section treating casulties on the groud or out and an ambulance or even in a larger medical facility also they would be helping to train other troops medic etc using their skills they might also be used in a medical center treating real casulties or on a med cover. Basically you name a nurse would be doing it. As for 205 a dare not say any thing incase I start a fight but if you need any info on 225 just PM me and I would be happy to answer any questions.
I'm in another Field Hospital and was in all through my training. We have no LSNs for Specialist Children's nurses in our unit, as it isn't something that (before Telic & Shaibah) would be thought of as necessary in a military field hospital. Other units may have, but we certainly don't.

I'm always rather divided about joining as a student nurse. My experience was frustrating. I wasn't allowed to go to clinical study days as everyone else was commissioned (I was a Pte) and the unit wouldn't train me to do anything else, eg CMT as it would be a waste of money if I was to be commissioned on qualification. It's worth doing if you want to know the basic military stuff, but as I said I felt role-less within the unit until I qualified.

Of course, things may have changed since I qualified, not least because nurses will no longer be commissioned automatically.
invisiblehelper said:
Within 205 there is a clique who are the most glorious Unit within the British Army! There is nothing they can't do! the sun actually rises from thier a**e before it comes up over the horizon. They have done ....ooohh... at least two 12 week tours so they are battle hardened you know!
So battle hardened that they can lord it up over the poor sods who were mobilised to the UK and so therefore deserve to be shunned as "bullet dodgers, REMFS etc". This attitude of course goes all the way up to certain elements of senior command who can just ignore them and pretend they don't even exist! Why bother ensuring someone keeps in touch with them, despite their pleas? the buggers will go FTRS anyway.
No matter that the poor UK based soldier has committed all of themself into helping others and making substantial contributions to the military.
Perhaps this may seem like cynisism but unfortunately I know that several people will be reading this and going "thats me that is!", and they won't even be 205.
If this hits a note with anyone, don't beat yourself up about it. This is not about pity (though some would be nice, just a little, nothing too elaborate...) it's about some recognition for those who, through no fault of theirs, never got the Gucci tour.
Thank you, and now I must return my soap box to the kitchen 'cos mother needs to do the laundry! :roll:
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A student nurse you would join as a QA Private and get acting Cpl on registration. 2 years after registration you would qualify for a Profetionally quallified Officer's (PQO) commission on (if?) passing the Board.

The other option you have is the specialist units: 335 Medical Evacuation Regt (V) and 306 Fd Hosp (V). The minimum commitment is 19 days a year (2 w/e's and a 2 week camp). I doubt if 335 would be intereasted in a pead Nurse, but I suspect 306 would find a slot.

Give CVHQ AMS TA a call and chat about it.
sknn said:
A student nurse you would join as a QA Private and get acting Cpl on registration. 2 years after registration you would qualify for a Profetionally quallified Officer's (PQO) commission on (if?) passing the Board.
I'm not 100% sure, but thats what happens in the regs - I wasn't aware that the TA had a role for student nurses. Although I do know people who have joined whilst doing there student nurse training, but as a CMT instead.

There is definately a TA trade for student nurses (i know coz i am one.) I personally have found joining as a student valuable for a number of reasons. As it takes a while for most TA soldiers to complete their recruit training you might as well get that done and dusted while still a student, and you can make yourself some pocket money at the same time. My unit is fairly good about helping with your professional development and i have learned a number of things with the unit that have helped me on my course. You also will get the opportunity to meet lots of qualified staff working within your local trusts (which can never hurt, especially as one of them ended up being my mentor on a placement!)

I am aware that my unit has one paeds nurse, but she has told me it was her adult qualification that got her commissioned (shes dual trained.) Having said that, there seems to be a clear acceptance of the value of having paeds trained staff within the unit so i think your best bet would be to speak to the recruiting people at you local unit(s) and find out if there would be a role for you there.

In terms of what we do on drill nights, it tends to be a bit of a mixture, military training, clinical training and phys. Most of the weekends i have been on have been military skills type things, but you will also do hospital exercises and clinical study days. Like any independant unit you do have the 27 day committment, but as mentioned there are also specialist units with a lower committment.
Anyone who joins the TA as a student nurse (or anything else) without expecting to go on operations at some point is an idiot (although you wont actually be deployed while still a student nurse.) I was trying to address the issue of whether there is a role for student nurses in the TA, and look at the benefits of joining as a student nurse, rather than joining as a CMT or waiting til you qualify. Since i have had a good experience of the TA as a student nurse i thought it might be worth letting another student who is obviously interested in joining hear about the advantages as i see them.

But thanks helper. Goku, tell your mate she will probably be deployed :wink:
within most fd hosps the student nurse would be given the rank of potential officer(white boards)learning all the gumpf that p.o's learn.still using the officers mess,only getting commisioned on qualifying in ther civvy trade.used to come up through the juniors ,so they would at least know how to dress themselves,walk in a straight line .but some of the head shed in my last unit thought that p.o's -doing stag and dixie bashing was below them
I was sent to iraq with 205 last year as a nurse. even though a sassenach from a different unit who knew no one I was made to feel very welcome. They were a very nice bunch (when you could understand them!)

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