A question for living-alone home owners

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Neuroleptic, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. A chance for me to deploy on Herrick next year has come up. I've done an Afghan tour before, so it wouldn't be the end of the World if I didn't go. Having said that, it will almost certainly be my swan song in the TA because of my age and the likely end of the UK deployment out there. In addition, the cash would come in handy!

    Unlike previous deployments however, I am now divorced. I've not long ago brought my own place and am a little concerned at the thought of leaving it empty for about six months (mostly during the UK winter). I have got friends and work colleagues who will keep an eye on the place for me, but I can't in fairness ask them to take on legal and financial responsibility for it if something goes really wrong or an unanticipated problem arises. I've talked to a few letting agents about renting it out, but no one seems interested in taking it on for such a short period. I've toyed with the idea of an informal let to friends, or friends of friends but am not really comfortable with that.

    Anyone out in ARRSE land had experience of dealing with this?
  2. Have you not got a relation who is still living at home with their parents, who would benefit from a few months of freedom?

    Or you could try someone like these: HG Security Licensed House Sitting
  3. If this house is in lincolnshire I will look after it for a small fee :)
  4. put the heating on timed

    Stash all your valuables and get some automatic light switches.

    You are gonna have to give someone the keys just to clear you mail away from the front door

    Insurance is for when it goes wrong.

    Do you not have a single neighbour that you would trust with the keys?

    I've also got an "emergency account" which I stash a few grand in and then sign blank checks on it (Only done if you trust your little helpers) Apart from that direct debit everything

    Six months is definitely lettable, the people you are talking to are just *****. think about the build up period also.... Think mortgage free for six months...ontop of being unable to spend **** all.

    Having said that...when's the tour coming up? I'll look after it for you as I'm homeless by choice (Gaffs rented out) and haven't been back in the country for donkies

    Cancel my last if you live anywhere shit
  5. Thanks. That's something to investigate further.
  6. Plenty of agencies for house-sitting, token fee of say 25 a week, you get to meet the people to say yay or nay first. Maybe strangers initially but they'll know someone you do, and they can't afford to lose their own credibility. Recently-retired Forces or Plod are favourites: I get these requests all the time, often for Spanish properties or for UK plus pets - set up your own group scheme? I think it keeps the insurance premium and cover down too.
  7. No problem getting an eye kept on the place informally, but if a major problem with the property occurs it needs a lot of 'hands on' work to put right. I have previous experience of this type of issue when I was in Bosnia years ago, even though my (ex)wife was living in the house at the time. It was a bloody nightmare. Even though I thought I'd covered all the bases regarding insurance, contracts, etc it was still a real pain.

    A house sitter is a possibility and I have a volunteer, but that can fall through at any moment if said person gets a job or just changes their mind.

    Letting agencies, what can I say? I don't think they'd turn down business without good reason. I live in a military town and a lot of old quarters were brought as rentals by investors. Prior to moving into my new place I was in a good furnished flat in a nice area with a very reasonable rent. I left there over six months ago and it's still empty. The town has a glut of properties that can't be let. I should also point out that I'm a PQO, so my tour would be six months at the absolute maximum, including PDT.

    Also, I phoned my insurance company today. It doesn't help the premiums!
  8. Thanks. I'm looking into this.
  9. Have you redecorated the house, or major renovations since owning?