A question for Bamber (Phil)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by inbredyokel666, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I noticed he'd already received an OT tag when I looked at his his latest offering of crap this morning, which is I think some kind of record.
    I was following another thread when this waste of skin posted about deporting anyone who doesn't conform to whatever the BNP say is being British.
    The BNP aren't too sure themselves.
    They used to think it was a sort of Nazi saluting, shaved ape, sloping forehead type in a pilot jacket hating lefties, Jews, queers and effnics.
    These days it seems to be a sort of Nazi saluting, shaved ape, sloping forehead type in a pilot jacket hating lefties, Jews, queers and effhnics (except for them effnics wot does like wot Nick says-whatever that is this week).
    I'm Scottish, (don't start me on the SNP-bunch of sad backward little w4nkers), I've lived in England since I was 18, I would say I'm British. Whenever anyone asks me at an immigration desk what my nationality is I always state “British”,

    My questions to Phil are:
    What do you believe constitutes being British?
    And can someone be a true Brit and be gay, or Muslim, or atheist, or a socialist?
  2. Please can I refer you to the FAQ page below:

    ARRSE FAQ Link

    Please don't encourage him. If you're curious, PM him and post any replies if they're worthy of public consumption. Otherwise it's the same old same old. And I can't bear any more of him.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding. :D
    You know it makes sense.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Lemme help him and you out.

    Answer to 1: Hating Johnny Foreigner, going out in the midday sun, Pims, Burberry, mash-ups on a Saturday night, and buying, wearing owning everything that's made abroad by Johnny Foreigner cos we no longer make it.

    2: No. That's only happened because of the twisted influence of Johnny Foreigner.
  4. What he said :)

    anyway, sod the BNP, I am voting UKIP, a wasted vote still shows you dont give a fcuk

  5. Fair enough Fat Cav, if the Mods want to pull this one, no worries.
    I'm not really curious, I suffer from low self esteem...have an inferiority complex. Seeing how monumentally stupid eejits like this can be, and reading their bile make me feel better...about being me.

    I just wanted to know how much of an idiot he actually is.
  6. If you can suffer reading the majority of his posts then you'll see.

    I heard that LIons are really vicious but I'm not really that interested in finding out how vicious. I know, Crap analogy :roll:
  7. Certainly not. Furthermore, there are plans to introduce rules that establish nobody's ancestors back to the second generation contain anybody of these categories. However, such people can obtain a certificate of 2nd class citizenship if they have served in the Armed Forces (and perhaps the RAF), Fire Service or Polizei ... oops, I meant Police. Everybody else in the above categories will be repatriated.

    Only, because they're proud of their Country, if they are National Socialists.
  9. Plenty of what? (takes cover) :)
  10. Crows?
  11. sneaky crawly killy things ......... and deranged wombats
  12. True, we'll have one for every 35,000,000 citizens until the creaking infrastructure implodes under the pressure and drives us into famine and cannibalism.

  13. a win win situation then :)
  14. Oh, and there was a small piece of me thinking/hoping he hadn't posted for a few days because he was one of the firemen that had been killed :cry:
  15. Drop them anywhere along the Barkly Highway and they'll think they're on Mars. The fun will start when they realise that the most interesting thing to do there is to observe the curvature of the earth. Then their heads will cave in.