A question for all those INFANTRY

How did you feel prior to entering training? I've just passed ADSC and one minute im raring for it cant wait! Then next im sort of thinking, is this really me? Then its back to ******* hell yeah.

Im a little confused ha is this normal? =|
Firstly well done for passing ADSC and welcome to the Rifles family

It's the fear of the unknown you're worried about which is perfectly normal for anyone taking the step from being a civ to being a soldier. You aren't the first and will definately not be the last to feel this way. You'll be joining a Platoon with about 30 other blokes that are feeling exactly the same way as you are now - so you're not alone!

I've done my time plus a bit more and had yet another 2 years just thrown my way, if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't have stayed for so long and would have done one years ago!

It's a top job, loads of travel, benefits etc and you'll meet people who'll you'll be mates with for the rest of your life. You have been given a real opportunity, don't waste it, grab it with both hands a cling on for all your worth.

My advice is work hard, keep your kit clean, do as your told when your told to, keep low and move fast

Good luck,

Swift and Bold

Thank you :D and thanks for the reply coax, deffo hitting the nail on the head. I will take it on board.

On my final interview at ADSC the Major said i have chosen a well organised, professional and well regarded regiment that is going from strength to strength which sets a standard and profile others struggle to meet. This is why I chose the Rifles! As a civvy looking in so to speak, they just appear to be a higher standard of soldier (no offence to other badges) but thats how it appears to me and the Major, who was not a RFN, gave me the same impression so i am more than happy to be a Rifleman.

Just a mix bag of emotion right now.
Well done and welcome to the army. Your life will never be the same again. Remember the answer to any question is always yes I can, or at least I will give it a bloody good go.
I wondered who would respond to it =D
Matt your right about one thing, his life won't be the same again hahaha..... thats why there's arrse for treatment ;-)

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