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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Hello

    I am interested in finding about any info on the TA not covered by officialdom, I'm an ex-reg that is lost in an office and looking to recapture a bit of youth but am worried by mixed reports about wheter I will get in, to explain this is me

    The Good Bits

    Ex-Regular (RA)
    12 years service
    4 tours NI and 1 Bosnia
    Lots of quals (poss out of date however) inc
    DC/RI Sigs RA
    Arty Int Op
    AFV rec instructor
    Aircraft rec instructor

    The Bad Bits

    I'm old(ish) 35, 36 in may, the TA site claims 34 is upper limit but I have heard stories refuting this
    I left 5 years ago (sabatical :wink: )
    I was Manning/Controlled 8O (there is more to it than that, its quite ugly what happened to me and is one reason I have left it 5 years was to calm down)

    So my questions are

    1. Will I get in ?
    2. Would I be restricted in any way in what I want to do or be pigeon holed ?
    3. Truthly, what chances are there for mobilisation ? I don't mind going but the missus would throw a fit
    4. Whats all this I hear about 40% reduction ???

  2. msr

    msr LE

    1. Will I get in ?

    Probably, yes.

    2. Would I be restricted in any way in what I want to do or be pigeon holed ?

    Can't see why you should be.

    3. Truthly, what chances are there for mobilisation ? I don't mind going but the missus would throw a fit

    Ranges from high to dead cert, depending on your unit.

    4. Whats all this I hear about 40% reduction ???

    It's a load of arrse.

    Which is your local unit? You can always drop in on their drill night and they will be best able to answer your questions.

  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    From my experience of a pro-active local TA unit they will nigh on press gang you but get used to picking sand out of your sarnies. I was offered enlistment at 2 ranks above my regular departure rank and no basic training modules if I would do a two week trade refresher and I had been out for 12 years. Mind you they also promised that I would get to see a lot of mosques over the next few years.
  4. Well you see this is the thing

    Local unit are RA cloud punchers but to tell you the truth I've had a gut full of that, otherwise I could turn my hand to 63 sigs seriously too old for all that and defo be getting a tan

    However I spend most of the week less than a 100 yds from Armoury House, which is smething all together, please note I have experience in that field
  5. Not sure if that means you are interested in 63 Sqn, or not. If you are, pm me and I'll give you some telephone numbers.

  6. Maybe you should ignore your regular outlook a little, the cloud punchers near me always impressed me a lot, they were my first choice when I left the Inf.

    Many TA soldiers go for the fun stuff i.e. Inf, Arty and RAC and they tend to be the better units. As for 63 Sig Sqn, they may buck the trend but don't expect your experience to count for much i.e. you'll be looking at doing VP again.
  7. Write to the RA Specialist Pool at:

    Royal Artillery Barracks
    London SE18

    They will take you on like a shot and you'll only have to do 19 days per year to cop your bounty.
  8. My experience is slightly different, Tried to join a local RAMC unit about 6 months ago, but wanted to go back in as a sgt as I left as a Ssgt. Left in 97 senior instructor to a field hospital. The request go as far as brigade and was told I could get my Cpl but not Sgt!!! Told them to shove it!!! No mess! No play!! But then in the light of all the problems that the RAMC are having maybe I wouldn't have been able to stomach the system any more.
  9. You left seven years ago and feel you can walk back in as a SNCO.

    Take it on the chin: go back in as a Screw and realise that you would be back in the Mess pretty much as soon as you proved your worth. By sulking off you have not shown you are worth it.

    Sorry mate but thats my view.
  10. Wellyhead, suggest the HAC is defo worth a look - next recruiting evening is Tues 4th 7pm start. About an hours slide show and plenty of chance to chat afterwards over (free) drinks - there are other sub-units you might fancy as well as Sigs and LO (ex-Gun) Tp, where it sounds like your experience would be very useful. PM me if you want more info.
  11. welly head,
    Check your PM, Hopefully it worked.
    How do you fancy working with Helicopters we are recruiting at the minute.