A Question about Para helmets

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Harry_Boomers, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Sat in the pub last night with a bezzer and he asked me a question ( because he thinks that im the fountain of all knowledge) to which I couldn’t give him an adequate answer!

    The two questions were:

    1. Why do Airborne units have different lids? What is the actual difference, weight, protection etc?

    2. Why the net and large rubber band type thingy as opposed to the elasticated loops on the helmet cover?
  2. The why is because they are lighter. Parachutes have a limited weight and it allows more kit to be carried. As to the exact weight, I'm not sure. They are much more comfortable though, and I want one :D
  3. http://www.np-aerospace.co.uk/htm/combat/combat.htm

    Sod ebay, cheaper to buy them here!

    It used to state that it it had better aerodynamic properties. Can't seeing that much use un a static line jump somehow...
  4. I remeber a couple of guys who were posted from 216, used grumble big style about not being allowed to wear their para lid. however the RSM wore his!

  5. 1. We were told at BZN para helmets are lighter to reduce the chance of whiplash style neck injuries when carrying out the typical feet-arrse-head landing. Cant comment on bullet stopping qualities though.

    2. I think its from the same school as two-tone lightweights, arctic smocks worn in the UK, carabiners hanging off webbing, DPM tape on thermos flasks etc etc.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    A 1. As far as I know not ballistically sound as GS helmet. Used to see Paras in NI wearing standard combat helmets on top cover.

    A 2. Just to look different ie GAY. :twisted:
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Student is correct with point 1. Without getting all pamphlet - tastic the weight difference between Mk 6 and para helmet would make rock all difference to kit packed in the container. Does make a huge difference when your head is getting thrown about in it on landing.

    Q2 - Beacause it looks ally! (Have also heard all sorts of stories relating to WW2 para helmets without covers being cammed up with improvised scrim, and it has continued).

  8. How much is the main and the reserve, roughly?
  9. So if you're getting a wee bit close just nip to the bog for 5 mins, lose more weight that way than any poncey helmet :)
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The whiplash bit is Crab bo11ocks, even when doing a traditional arrival as you described.

    The SADF jump lid is identical to the Brit one with the exception of it being Nutria in colour and made of a heavy kevlar type material.

    Yes it weighs more, (which would exacerbate the whiplash if it were a problem,) but it does stop shell splinters - and possibly Luke's rds - from stirring the contents of your head around.

    Of course, Harry Crab won't permit you to lob with one...
  11. Or you could just wait for the plane to land.

    Or jump into an area ground forces had been through numerous amounts of times, shagged all the locals and set-up a branch of Starbucks in (a'la 2 Sqn RAF Reg in Sierra Leone), then you don't need to take so much kit.

  12. Weight of main and reserve approx 60lbs.

    Also I haven't jumped since last July but rumour control was that they were going to increase the maximum weight load of an LLP to 450lbs, cause obviously 125lb loads are not enough sometimes!!

    My understanding of the the reasoning about the Para helmet reducing whiplash etc is to do with it being slightly higher than a Mark VI at the back of the neck, preventing injuries on landing and the main chute from pushing it further down your forehead. I stand ready to be corrected if I am off the mark.
  13. So I weigh in at about 140-150 lbs, chutes are 60lbs. Does that mean that they'd load me up with up to 150lb worth of kit?