a question about medals?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by plant_life, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. One of the blokes brought his own Queens Jubile medal and got it mounted. He hadn't been in the required amount of time but said you could wear it regardless, the only difference being that if you had been in the time you got it for free otherwise you had to pay for it. Is this bloke telling the truth of talking s**t? Answers on a poster card please..... :?:
  2. Talking shite!
  3. There is a little confusion over this.

    5 Years service at the time of the Golden Jub is required for the gong, it doesn't have to be all in one go. You could say have done 3 years as an adult instructor in the cadet forces and then 2 in the TA or Regs and got it. As was the case of a few people in my unit (TA).

    The medal was also issued to people regardless of service, charity workers and the such like. Even Harry wore one at an Eton parade, it was his grans party afterall.

    As for gonging yourself up, sounds like he loves the feeling of the tin, and wants to impress.....good thing the rest of us know its a plastic gong in the first place. Must pale in comparason to guys with the Telic ones (if they are even issued yet!)
  4. I took the wrapping off mine and ate the chocolate in the middle.

    :D :D
  5. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but wearing a medal you are not entitled to is the worst form of Waltism going. :evil:

    Also I would recommend a quick scan s197 of the Army Act, a guy from my unit did similar and the CO did not take too kindly and the fella was heftily fined for waering a medal he was not entitled to. :twisted:
  6. What a sad Cnut. It's not even a proper medal. Tell him to stop being a homo, get on tour and earn a real one. (Not that it'll be issued, but at least he can have the moral high ground).
  7. Speaking of medals..

    Is there any way of finding out the medal entitlements of my Paternal Grandfather? He died soon after the war and his medals disappeared. He was a Gunner in the 8th Army from Flash to Bang WW2, North Africa and Italy. Any ideas on if I can pull his records or is there a standard set (north africa star? etc) that would be representative of the campaign medals awarded?
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am doing the same for my late Father - I'm pretty sure he should have more than he had! I have the address at home, will post it later. THey send you a form, you fill it in, and they let you know. Pretty simple.
  9. Thanks OS
  10. Aye, and don't hold yer breath. As for the other clown, if he's clearly not done five years' service prior to Feb 2002 - aggregated or otherwise - then I'd bubble him to the boss for being a muppet.
  11. Clearly needs the medal ramming up his hoop.

    CO of an inf bn on public duties about 10 years ago wore a UN medal he wasn't entitled to. He appeared on the cover of regimentla magazine wearing medal in No1s and got bubbled. Regt asked him to pay for re-run of regimental magazine and his career stalled!
  12. If it hasn't been sent to your unit by the medals office, then you probably shouldn't be wearing it.
  13. There is no probably about it. They are not issued medal and you cannot wear them.

    This is a subject I am fairy up on at the moment via a contact I have who just happens to be a civi SO1 doing honours and awards - something he has done for quite a while and is very up on. Last month he gave a 2 star the bad news about some medal he thought he might be entitled to wear. Result 2 star will not be wearing in again.
  14. I got in touch with the Army Medal Office. The blurb from the website is below. They are pretty helpful

    The Army Medal Office at Droitwich Spa has now closed after 59 years and has moved to a central location at RAF Innsworth, Glouscestershire.
    The office holds details of most campaign medals issued from the 1920s and is the authority for all questions concerning the entitlement to current campaign medals. The Office provides two main services:

    Issue of medals post WW1 to those entitled persons who have never received them.

    Replacement of medals under certain conditions for entitled personnel.
    For both circumstances, an initial letter should be sent to the Medal Office explaining the precise request and the circumstances behind it. As much of the following information as possible concerning the original recipient or entitled person should be included and where possible backed up with photocopies only of supporting documentation (entitlement to medals is only determined from original records held by the Army):

    Full Name.

    Date of Birth

    Service Number

    Date of joining first unit

    Date of leaving/transfer/demob
    Replacement of medals are only offered to the recipient or the immediate next of kin, and then only when clear and documented proof of loss is provided.

    Where a question concerns an event over seventy years ago, the National Archive at Kew should be the first point of contact.


    Officer in Charge
    The Army Medal Office
    Building 250
    RAF Innsworth
    GL3 1EZ

    The National Archive
    Ruskin Avenue
    TW9 4DU