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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jcheat, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick one I hope someone can clear up for me. I am currently in my 5th year in the TA, for my first 3 years I acheived my bounty but unfortunatley last year I didnt acheive it (annoyingly the only reason I didnt was due to being 3 days short of the 28 ).

    Anyways I was led to beleive that my bounty in a sense 'freezes' on that 3rd year and therefore assuming I earn it this year it would carry on as though the year I missed doesnt count and this year would be my 4th year next year my 5th ect ect.

    However I've been getting some conflicting messages recently from people with some saying that I actually reset to my first year and some saying that my bounty will carry on but my years served have reset to zero.

    Can someone confirm exactly what happens when you miss a year, mainly in regard to years served because I'm not too bothered about the bounty money but would hate to have been in the TA going on 6 years but have on paper Iv served zero years! Thanks.
  2. You can miss one year in 5 for qualifying for your bounty, as you have stated you will earn your 4th year in this training year etc. If you are on ArmyNet you can get the info from there in TA Regs.

  3. Your bounty will just carry on as normal from the last time you qual'd for the bounty. Trust me on this, I've missed 3 bounties in 15 years.
  4. You can miss 1 bounty in the 10 years for your vrsm too
  5. I know I'm probably going to cop some flak for this but whats the score re mobilistaion etc with regards to bounty years? Obviously no bounty is paid but am I right in assuming that your qualifying years remain static until you demob and restart TA training.
  6. you still get your bounty, so it all counts
  7. You do have to do a bare minimum of training with the TA though - I forget whether it can be as little as one day or even a drill night. Well worth giving up a evening's POTL for! I'll look up the regs when I get back from my meeting.
  8. Yes! here's my chance:
  9. JSP 754, Ch 4, 0516c - you need to do at least one day's training with your parent unit (but can do this in the previous or subsequent bounty years if necessary - and it doesn't say 'paid' training) and will need to do the relevant proportion (number of months not-deployed / 12) of your non-continuous training.

    Your PSI is really unlikely to know anything about bounty (except that they don't get it) - ask the Chief Clerk!
  10. Although it has already been said that you mark-time rather than return to Year 1, the reference is JSP 754, Ch 4, 0503, which isn't completely clear. TA Regs now just refer you to the JSP.
  11. You'll have to ask Tropper as he's the only one here who served on the Bounty. That's where the expression "Sir, the ship cannae take any more" originated. Just ask him.
  12. I think you only need to have one bounty in every three years to avoid the VRSM clock resetting - as you say, only nine bounties required for VRSM.

  13. With regards to mobilisation your mobilised service counts as your camp and the remaining twelve days (i.e. 15 (camp) + 12 = 27 required for bounty) required for bounty is reduced by 1 day for every month of the trainnig year you are mobilised. E.g. If you are mobilised for Apr-Jun of the training year and demob in Jul, you only have to complete 9 days. You are still required to pass your MATTs within the training year of your demob (you pass them at RTMC in the training year that you mob).

    All in JSP 754.