A query about the ARRSE toolbar

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bugsy, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. I still love the ARRSE toolbar and all the options it offers, but in the bit where you can access your e-mail account(s), I have the two envelopes one over the other and immediately behind that comes the abbreviation [NaN], where there used to be a summation of unread e-mails. I can still access my e-mails without any problems via the drop-down menu, but what does this signify exactly? I've had a bit of a butcher's on t'internet, but can't find the abbreviation anywhere.

    Any of the ARRSE IT-whizzes got any ideas?

  2. NaN error = Not a Number

    Coding problem perhaps...
  3. Cheers indeed for that, mucker. Very much appreciated. Does that mean I have some sort of long/medium/short-term problem or not?

    I've also no idea what a "coding problem" is.

  4. Not your problem.. The 'code' that makes the thing work is looking for a number of unread mails and comes up with a 'character' or something else that is 'Not a Number' and by default reports this error with 'NaN'

    The developer of the toolbar will have to correct this.

    'Code' is the meaningless gobleygook that software geeks write ;)
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Bugsy, PM BFG 9000. He wrote the code after all and A. might not be aware of it happening and B. should be able to correct it.
  6. Many thanks to both Ulster_Rifleman and Sixty for taking the trouble to reply.

    I will indeed get in touch with BFG 9000, just to make him aware of the "problem" - if it's indeed a "problem" at all. As I previously stated, all the normal functions of the toolbar are readily available, I was just wondering about this little bit because it dipped from the "norm" (i.e. what I was used to and what I expected) about two months ago.

    Again, my gratitude to both of you for bothering to respond.

  7. Arrse toolbar?
  8. Right, Smudge. An ARRSE toolbar. Imagine that!