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Subject: Media Wankers.

All this outpouring of grief for the 'fallen' the media seem to have
jumped on is really fucking grating on me, not because the brave soldiers are dying, but because it's not that fucking long ago the media cunts has them pinned as public enemy number one for 'abuse' etc. I understand they are supposed to report 'news' but this is just fucking pathetic.
The BBC seem to be the fucking worse of the lot.
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What pisses me off most about this whole soldier thing is that every one of them is now a "Hero" and in the "newspapers", they're capitalised, as in "Our Boys" every time they're mentioned.

Patronising twats.
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I can understand this. It is easier for us wrinklies, we were brought
up in a time when to be British was something to be proud of and
shooting wogs in the name of our very own middle class god was as much a part of it
as ruling the seas and being the first to plant a flag where
no flag had been planted before and casualties were something to be

Times have changed though and you kiddies have been dragged up in a
different world. Our 50 year passionate love affair with merkin style
capitalism has, in the name of profit before all else, emasculated this
once great nation and given us a society where you are all frightened to
open your mouths and criticise your inferiors for fear it will affect the sales figures.

No longer do we fuck the frogs right off the moment they mumble anything
that sounds like not surrendering but instead we "open a constructive
dialogue" with them. And how much respect do they show us for that?
Same with the ragheads and who can blame them? They are like kids with
no parental control, hardly surprising they run amok.

30 years ago, instead of sending in a gunboat the moment Persia started
getting frisky about who owns what in their oilfields and which regional
minority gets to oppress who in their own lands we give in to the Global
Zionist Conspiracy and do bugger all in order to avoid "unnecessary
conflict" and "destabilisation" in the Middle East and of course, keep
oil prices in the merkin market as low as they can go.

We, The British, are the ones who have the historical role of doing the
oppressing and fucking good we were at it too. But that is all behind
us now. A generation or two of Business Consultants and Wimmin With
Opinions running the place and we are nothing but underpaid target
practice for United States of Mammon.

Better than 75% of our population simply have no idea that War is not
about selling more product than our rivals but about killing people and
the quicker you kill them and get it over and done with the better. A
Police Action, or a Campaign for Hearts and Minds is not a war, it is a
fucking cop out and one campaign that no amount of Marketing Executives
or Business Analysts can ever win.

Equally, the same 75% have no experience of the consequences for us.
We get killed too and once upon a time it was recognised without prompting
that this was a sad but necessary price to pay for the freedoms the rest
of us enjoy.

Not so today. Today, with you all wrapped up in your nice protective
comfort bubble of consumerism with it's guilt free greed, 500 channels
of mind numbing personal entertainment systems and easy material
gratification you are isolated from the simple but harsh reality that
life is sometimes hard and painful. Sometimes hard enough and painful
enough that to maintain it for the benefit of the majority can be terminal for a minority.

In this world of easily available credit, body bags are bad for
business. Every funeral of a dead squaddie reduces consumer confidence
and reducing consumer confidence means less spending on the high street.
This cannot be allowed, so it is unsurprising that The Powers That Be
will do everything they can to isolate us from the effects. Learn
something at least from recent history: the money must keep flowing, it
is one river that simply cannot be allowed to silt up.

The sad part of it is though that when they cut off your balls, no amount of
trauma counselling or no win no fee compensation will allow you to sing Basso Profundo ever again.

(Patronising twats)

This may be so but whatever their motives, all praise to them for bringing a little reality in your fantasy world.
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