A Punch or Pity?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hescoheed, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Credit card sales people at service stations and airports better watch out in the next few days. I have been out on the road/travelling by air pretty much solidly for 4 weeks and when I pull into a service station, all I want is a p*ss, a pie and some piece and quiet. But I have had to run the gauntlet of persistent credit card sales teams who ambush you as you enter the building. I told one to feck right off after saying, no-less than 15 times, " No thanks" with p*ss almost trickling down my strides. Feckless bugger even tried to get me again on the way out.

    What took the biscuit last week was having finally got through security at a regional airport to be leapt on, before I'd even put my shoes and belt back on, by someone trying to get me to sign up to a new credit card.............it was 6 in the fecking morning and grumpy HH was in no mood to be sold anything..................poor lass got both barrels and nearly made her cry when I told her that it was people like her that got me into debt and after my wife and kids left me and my house was repossessed I was declared bankrupt, and since then I was living out of a suitcase travelling on business in order to repay my debts.............it's not true but I couldn't resist. :twisted:

    Thing is we all (the decent people) have to work to earn so I feel sorry for people who are trying to earn a decent crust in a thankless job like that, and even applaude them that they aren't on benefits etc, but Christ, Allah, Mohammed I could punch their necks in this week.

    Any one else had the same problem?
  2. pity. Its a sh't job, i guess. same as telesales, the poor bastards are probably either too thick or unlucky enough to not get another job so I tend to go easy on them.
  3. "pity. Its a sh't job, i guess. same as telesales, the poor bastards are probably either too thick or unlucky enough to not get another job so I tend to go easy on them."

    Too thick or unlucky for Maccy Ds? The mind boggles!
  4. I feel the same way about free-newspaper distributors. They invariably stand right in the fucking way and try to thrust an unreadable, mindless piece of crap into your hand. I try to be polite but when you have to walk past twenty of the fuckers in a 100 yards the temptation to punch them grows with every 'no, thank you.'

  5. Had the same at Glasgow Airport. Having just finished dressing myself, I was pounced upon by a very attractive young lady who wouldn't take no for an amswer and even followed me up to the departure gate. I just wasn't in the mood as I was suffering from the mother of all hangovers after a 4 day reunion. In the end, told a copper that I was being stalked by her cos' I wouldn't give her any babies. :)
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I was walking through one of the mainline stations in London a while back and got accosted by people flogging skin exfoliant FFS! There I was, in boots, thick coat on, 5 days growth on my chin, looking a bit rough, and someone tries to sell me what is effectively a girlie product. I was not looking in the least bit girly, and under normal circumstances would have told them to fcuk right orf.

    As it happened, the person occosting me was about 19, wearing lycra leggings, tight top, was incredibly fit, and so were all her mates.

    Sooooo, there's me, inside their booth, looking excpetionally manly, whilst they rub this stinky, girly sh!t all over my hands, asking me how it feels and what I think of the product. I'm not even trying to hide myself behind the counter! I found myself proudly trying this sh!t out, making all the right noises, dragging it out for as long as I can while trying to charm the pants off this fit lass (whilst giving a leary grin to any blokes looking at me cross-eyed as they went past - green with envy they woz!
  7. Nope, they were all thankful that they weren't getting pestered by the sales people because some mug was distracting them in the mistaken belief that we was likely to score.

  8. Recently, starving-black-child charities have taken over the town center where I live. Every day, the the town is packed with the most obnoxious, hyperactive, over-the-top, in-your-face, buzzword addicted, drama student types who will stop at nothing to get their sticky little hands on your hard earned cash. Not only that, but they position themselves every 50m or so throughout the narrow high street so that you're forced to dodge several of them to get where you're going.
  9. Bearded, chunky jumper and peruvian pointed hat wearing 17 year old students attempting to hijack you on the highstreet

    Clip board in hand telling you how hard the world is and what disease death and destruction is being meeted out in nasty places

    Deserve either a WHAT TH FECK DO YOU KNOW , or if you have time a speech like Kurtz from Apocalypse now or RUtger haures in Blade runner

    Idealistic wasters without a clue
  10. I used to be polite to them but not anymore, if i want their trade i'll fecking well go out and get it myself. cnuts.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I've found "no thanks I live overseas gets them rid"...

    or "I have that one thanks".
  12. The anti-war lot cause me the most problems... husband is a darn site bigger than me and dragging him away/off them each time isn't easy :oops:
  13. HH....I can sympathise with your plight, as I too have been abused by these fukwits before.....but at least they are out trying to earn a living instead of signing on the dole, and becoming your average gyrojunky.

    There money is largely commission based, so I can understand them being a bit pushy, what with Christmas etc. Maybe there's a big fat bonus on offer?
  14. I take great pleasure in telling these types that I have, in fact, placed my frail body between such starving refugees and their persecutors. Repeatedly.

    Then I ask what they've done for them, apart from carry a clipboard.

    Alternatively, asking them how much of their days earnings they're giving to the charity they're so desperate for you to subscribe to.
  15. Anyone for the scientology types that ask if you're happy