a proper wind up merchant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gruffman1, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. ok so i am the kind of guy that will wind up random middle class know it alls on the virgin train on the way to and from work, now this is currently mine and a mates favorite past time till we depart for work.

    everyone knows middle class snobery is the worst as they earn enough to wear ok clothes but not enough to sit in first class, and still walk talk and act like they are better then everyone else in the carriage. these are the people we aim for just for kicks. by sitting next to them and using profanities and acting like cunts.

    this is just a wind up and it makes me chuckle when we get a real good bite of someone it makes it worth it.

    how far would you go to get a bite?

    and is this too disrespectful?
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  2. I HOPE YOU DIE xxx
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  3. get back in scum class you serf
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  4. lol thank you very much the feeling is mutual. :D i like having fun and on trains its the only way
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  5. Your a crazy mother fucker, can we be friends?

    Bell end.
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  6. I like having fun on your mom, its the cheapest way.
  7. bloody mongs get everywhere
  8. ........... Twat

    Get this thread to the hole NOW !!
  9. if only they did a scum class, they would put all the pompus middle class erectile disfunctional fuck brains in there and normal down to earth people who dont look down at a lad who wears a hoodie because its cold kind of people dont Misinterpret this as we do it to all kinds of people just people who look at us like we should be quarantine because we wear jeans and t shirts and the ocasional hoodie when the weather is shit
  10. lol you and 100 other dirty old men, mate id get checked if i was you
  11. H3

    H3 LE

    Gman your just making yourself look like a cunt in front of others ! ...... Or is it the jealousy just kicking in because deep down you'd swap with them in a heart beat ..... Should have done better in school !!
  12. I'd just get a pizza delivered! Fucking dull cunt!
  13. Stop feeding the trolls.
  14. You need to get out more. A hobby perhaps... Even a girlfriend who doesn't require a bike pump.

    I disagree. Nothing worse than inverse snobbery, which is clearly just thinly disguised jealousy.

    I'm guessing still more than you though.

    I can afford to travel 1st Class, I just prefer not to... Especially as I can afford a car of my own as well :)

    In your case, they are!

    See what I mean? They know how to behave with decorum in public.

    Then you need to get yourself to a clinic and get your sense of humour recalibrated.

    5 minute drive to the local Chinese.

    Yes. You are a cunt! Perhaps mummy should have administered a few more smacks on your botty to teach you how to behave.
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  15. You're proper mental. I wish I was in your gang. One day, if I try really hard, can I be as cool as you?

    How about next time, just for a laugh, you throw yourself under the train instead.

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