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A problem with this page ...

"Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to closë ... "

For the last 24h it seems that ARSSE is causing my browser to close down each time I click on to a new page.
Is anybody else having the same problem?
You must have a shit browser. My work runs IE6, and I get that message fairly often.

My home PC I run Chrome. Can't recall ever getting that message, or on my laptop, running Firefox.
It's been a bit weird Mon -Wed, but it's OK today.

Win 8 x64 Pro with IE10. Haven't been using my Ubuntu rig this week, so can't comment on FF.
mine does it from time to time (ie9) but it is getting better as adode flash player works its way through updates to correct the problem.Has neve happened on safari ,chrome . or any othe browser i have used
Working ok on IE too, Must be an issue with opera. For some reason opera works great on my lappy but all other won't play apart fromIE which works but slowly.
mines been playing up with chrome, everytime i try to reply to a thread the reply box just dissappears. Opened IE8 and it works fine. must be my shit laptop!

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