A private could be canonised as a martyr

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 23, 2006.

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    Each devoted Orthodox Christian wears small cross on a neck-lace. 10 years ago private Yevgeny Rodionov was captured by Chechen rebels that demanded the cross removed. Under the threat of death he refused and was murderd.

    Orthodox priests discuss now a possibility of his canonising as a martyr.
  2. Is he in the picture - which one is he in the picture?


    Is it the one holding the baby shaped hand grenade?
  3. Why not.

    St. Martin was a soldier and was made a saint so why not make a soldier (albeit in an illegal war) a martyr!

    It's not his fault that he had to fight but he has the right, as does everyone, to his religious beliefs!

    Солдаты борются, где политические деятели терпели неудачу!
  4. I read about this a couple of years ago. Brave soldier.

    Link to the story in English.
  5. Rough tymes in chechnya.

    A valiant soldier indeed,
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Brave lad, but thought you had to have preformed a miracle to become a saint
  7. It's martyrdom, not sainthood, that's being mooted here. Sainthood requires a miracle. Martyrdom just requires you to get killed for it.

    Edited for mong spelling.
  8. It has been mooted that he is the one in the infamous cut throat video thats banded around the net. It's pretty hardcore to stand by your faith if thats going to happen. I have seen the video once and it is frightening, sent shivers down my back.

    Fair play to him for not renouncing Christianity but I honestly think that this was going to happen regardless, they are animals the Chechens. Understandably they are aggrieved to have their country besieged by Russians since the fragmentation of the former USSR, but this all lies in economics. (Chechenya being rich in mineral reserves IIRC).

    Bush and Bliar have a similar thing going on in Iraq and with similar animal insurgency being thrown up.

    Canonising is a political tool from which any story can be used to advantage. If Rodionov is canonised it will serve as a permanent reminder to the public about a brave lad who was murdered/mutilated by a permanent enemy, thus leaving the door almost permanently closed for peace talks between the Chechens and Russians.

    Just a thought.
  9. But.... Великобританские воины воюют потому что они любят слишком и хороши на ем!

    Regards,- C
  10. What - the entire nation?

  11. BaldrickBullet!

    Now I understand how funny are my posts. Though I hope that they are not so senseless as this 'Russian' phrase

    British soldiers fight because they like ....

    Previous phrase is absolutely clear: Soldiers fight there politicians failed.
  12. Not the whole nation, i do apologise.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

  13. Yes indeed, there are SOME good Chechens...... The dead ones that is, fecking savages.