A Presentation for the Grieving

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. It has just struck me whilst reading through the two heartbreaking threads expressing all our condolences that we, the ARRSE community could do a small something for the families of the fallen.

    ARRSE is a donation run site, and (until the figures were removed!) always showed a fairly healthy profit. Can we use some of this profit to provide a wreath from us for the funerals of our Brothers. I'm sure that there would be plenty of donations for this, as we all seem to feel the sadness.

    Would this be possible, or even wanted by ARRSErs? Would it be appreciated by the families?

    views, critisisms and ideas welcomed.
  2. Count me in if it's a go.
  3. Goog idea Legs you have my backing
  4. I support the idea and will donate, and I'm sure the gesture would be appreciated .... but.

    This would need someone to know the correct NoK details, the location, and timing of funeral. Then you have the logistics of any arrse wreath to that site. Who among us can get this sort of info and has the time ?.
  5. If I were a grieving family, I don't think I'd like to see a wreath with a card on it that says :Best wishes from ARRSE'.
  6. can we not do this for every death of one of our own when on active service?
  7. Brilliant idea, Legs!
  8. I think that is a wonderful and very touching idea.
  9. I'm sure it can be done subtly, as was arranged for the Armistice Day wreath: here.
  10. Thanks Dozy, good idea, with maybe a ribbon in the ARRSE colours, if that is not too crass.
  11. It's a nice idea and, if it were possible, I woud support it.

    However, I agree with Whifler and Fusilier. Is it a feasable and practical idea?
  12. Are there any ARRSErs out in ARRSELand who work in G1 Branches anywhere? I'm not sure about the legality issues, but they are often in a position to help with this information, especially if the funeral is to be a military one.
  13. I suspect that given the number of ARRSErs, there is probably a representative of every unit of the Army here; but even if that's not the case, if a proven 'responsible' person requests information about the funeral arrangements of the fallen then it’s probable that that information would be forthcoming. I don't think that this is a physically impossible concept and it might provide comfort to the families that the wider military community is thinking of them.
  14. RTFQ


    This is a difficult one and I can fully understand the desire to show some form of solidarity and sympathy for the families of those fallen. We've all put mates in the ground I'm sure and we therefore recognise the limited comfort provided by gestures alone. When they bury these boys, their regiments and the wider army will ensure the family feel completely the respect, grief and sense of brotherhood we feel towards them. With absolute respect for the sentiment in which all on here mean it, the gesture of a wreath bearing arrse.co.uk's moniker won't be able to add to that.

    After all the pomp, words and ceremony of the funeral however, the family will go home to a woefully quiet house and will face what comes next largely alone. I would suggest that we can do more good for those left behind by supporting the agencies that help them through this peiod to the best of our ability. Here I would point you towards the Army Benevolent Fund, The RBL, BLESMA, Combat Stress and so on. We will never see the fruits of that support, we will never be able to mitigate the loss of someone's husband, son or father, but watch those agencies work - with neither drums nor ceremony - and you won't begrudge your support for a second.
  15. TRFQ, you have yet again hit the nail on the head. Whilst we all wish to help immediatly, the long term support from those agency's already mentioned is the best way forward