A Predicament...help please?

Chaps, I need some advice having found myself in quite a predicament. While out the other night I was tackled into the side of a taxi by an unknown assailant who ran off. The taxi driver then called the police, and wants me to pay for the damage. The insurance apparently kicks in only at 300, and he has told me supposedly it needs a new door. Of this I am unconvinced but haven't had a chance to see the car. Can anyone give me some advice on where I stand, etc. He, incidentally has my contact details. Thanks in advance....

I know little about this subject, but if i may offer my 2 pennies - get an independent garage to survey the damage to ascertain whether the damage does exceed £300.

Where did the 'attack' happen? If it was in the city centre, could there be the chance that a CCTV camera caught it. If so, could you ask the local police to review the tapes?

Sorry I can't be more of a help.

Without being to obvious get legal advice.
Ask in the RMP forum they can also give you guidance.
Bel honest as well.
Are you serving
Were you the worse for wear
How do you not know it was a set up and you were just the unlucky bloke who happened to walk past
What do the police say about the incident
Tell the taxi driver to **** off and go through his insurance
Under no circumstances offer to pay for anything
What time of day was it
Was the taxi parked legally
What about the assailent
Have you got a crime number
Questions questions questions....
Eh, how the how did he get your contact details?
Nationality of the driver (Raving loony raghead gets squaddie details.....)

Again legal eagle matey, Good luck

Do not admit liability. Get yourself to a lawyer ASAP. Many will give advice in the first instance over the phone and an appointment can be made to go in if necessary. Ensure you have the incident number and details of those dealing. If you have witnesses ensure their details are given to the police. The cctv is a good idea but if need be your lawyer can apply for any footage. Sounds like the taxi driver is trying it on, if all is as you say.
It may be a bit late now, but reporting your assault to the police would have been a good move.

Faced with YOUR Crime Number, the insurance company (or taxi driver's solicitors) may then have decided not to pursue the case as legal costs in a failed case could greatly outweigh any compensation they may get if they win the case.

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