:D Hi Britain hows things back home?

Have those nasty people in the middle east stopped bombing each other yet. 'Anyway on a more serious note' the weather is great here. There is a lot of smoke on the horizon, yet I phoned 'George' and he told me to "settle down and stop worrying and have a stiff drink" so I did as he said and I feel a bit better now.

I hope 'mi pal Jonny' is looking after you all while I am away. I have left him and his secretary 'at it' looking after your intrests that is ha, ha.
Anyway me and cliff are having a great time here. Some great nights of air guitar and champagne.

Well I must go, I hope a third world war doesn't break out while Im away(just joking). Anyway Sherrie wants some oil on her back so will have to love you and leave you.

Once again thanks to you all for paying for my holiday( I could not have done it without you all).
Best wishes and good luck(You will need it).

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