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Discussion in 'RAC' started by scarletto, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Tried to copy n paste this from Current affairs, convo about Gen Dannatts new 'idea' Thought it may be more interesting here, rather than Current Affairs, but could this be a possibility???

    The new brigades will consist of a battalion of Challenger 2 tanks, one of armoured reconnaissance, an armoured infantry battalion in Warriors, a mechanised infantry battalion in Bulldog armoured vehicles and two "light role" infantry battalions.

    These units would be deployed on operations for six months in every three years.

    whitecity wrote...

    Somebody has already noted the shoddy reporting from the Telegraph, but failed to notice that if there is to be 6 brigades each with a CR2 AND and FR battalion/regiment, there are three implications in this:
    1) No 16AA.
    2) Reform of a 6th CR2 battalion/regiment from the current 5.
    3) Creation of a 6th FR battalion/regiment from the current 5.

    RAC seems to do quite well out of this.

    Scarletto wrote...
    Not sure thats the case really, Might the reforming, come from more of a downsizing of Regimental size, rather than a lot of new tanks and money.

    Loose a couple of troops from each Regiment to form the new ones?

    whitecity wrote

    Ignoring 1RTR and their mixed role, the 10 RAC units have at least 5 different configurations:
    1) 2 off 4 x CR2 sqn
    2) 3 off 3 x CR2 sqn + 1 x MA (CVR(T)) sqn
    3) 2 off 4 x FR (CVR(T))
    4) 1 off 3 x FR (CVR(T)) + 1 x C&S
    5) 2 off 2 x FR (CVR(T)) + 1 x C&S
    A real mix and match organisation.

    Downsize the 'square' to a 'triangle' formation, and hey presto! 6 or 7 squadrons suddenly 'created' to form a couple of more battalion/regiments. But what fun trying to carve up the 'Regiments' into smaller 'regiment-lite'.
  2. 3 & 4 RTR?
  3. I hope not, my god my life would be a misery. :lol:
  4. like yeomanry units?

    or the creation of deployable brigades under 1 guise - 1 uk bde, 2 uk bde etc?
  5. benjaminw1

    Don't be ridiculous just reform an enlarged 3 RTR, there are enough of us about ot get it up an running by a late Naafi break.
  6. or de-amalgamate an existing regt creating 2 fr or cr2 regts?
  7. Bit longer - finding a goonery king to beat Ackers is going to be a tall order.
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    And find the bloody tanks to work with. Not enough to go around now. Mind you I do seem to remember some ball aching TEWT long time ago when a certain numpty made us move around in 4's.
  9. Aint dat da troof. Cower wallopeur, cower. :D
  10. See we have got one crew together already, not sure who is going to the crew commander.
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Well as we have all had a go before lets draw lots. --------------------------- When one more comes along I vote that PE buggers off in a ferret and finds a decent pub for the night.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As your not good with hieghts I suggest you get to cabby.
  13. Apparently, staffing has been ongoing for some time to de-unionise HCR. LG and RHG/D expected to form two FR Regts, with locations in Windsor and possibly Colchester.
  14. I second that.

    Let us not change the habits of our lifetime.
  15. Elova, careful what you wish for!