A possible money raising idea for the RBL


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Bear with me on this. Do you remember last year when the COs changed everyones' medal block to include a poppy at this time of year? How about making it optional?

For example, you donate a quid (or however much) via the site and put 'RBL' in the message field on PAYPAL and you get a poppy as one of your medals for a week or two.

I don't know how much of a pain this would be for the COs to set up however. Good idea in principle? Could hopefully raise a bit of cash if it's feasible.
In essence this is a great idea that has two major faults:

1. Paypal take approx 25p for every £1 donation. That just upsets me when it is for charity! Having said that, it would mean that the RBL still gets 75p so is not a totally bad idea.

2. Medals would have to be changed individually by GCO and myself. This takes approx 20-30 secs for each one. Given the likely scale of the donations we would be getting (say 500?) then that adds up to a lot of time. Unfortunately we are both really, really busy at the moment and we can't commit that much effort - even though we'd love to raise more money for the RBL.

On the positive side we will be changing both the site theme and medals again this year as a mark of respect.

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