A Political Vision.

Imagine, that as prime minister of your country, you have an opportunity for your electorate to give credence to your position.

Sadly, it was clear that the electorate may rebuff your blandishments, and thus, you decide not to hold an election.

You are then given a rather naughty nick-name: 'Bottler'.

Clearly, it was necessary to explain your decision - especially as your Party had spent £2,000,000 on the non-election.

You explain that you want to present your 'vision' to the people.

You are fighting wars, one of dubious legality, on two fronts. The Armed Forces are under-financed, as a result of your stewardship of the Treasury; ill-equipped and under-manned, both situations may be laid at your former door - No.11 Downing Street.

Your National Health Service - THE jewel in your 'socialist' crown, is a shambles, dirty, dangerous and a national disgrace.

Your schools are producing more and more children who cannot write, read nor calculate.

Crime is now in all probability the nation's greatest 'industry'.

Your electorate is now so over-taxed and more heavily taxed than ever.
In addition, your 'Tax Rules' are so complex that nobody understands them.

Immigration is simply a joke.

Your supine snivelling to the European Soviet Union is nothing short of traitrous.

The ludicrous adherence to the plan for an ID card is risible, were it not so expensive - for us the tax-payer.

However, we now have your VISION:


What have we done to deserve you? Your predecessor was indescribably dreadful, you - you are clearly going to be much worse.

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