A policemans life

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Many are ranting about the death penalty being re-enstated for the murder of a policeman.

    I'm all for the death sentence in proven cases of murder, kidnap peadophilia etc, but what makes a policemans life more valuable than joe average.

    Noone called for the death penalty when soldiers were being killed at two a month, they were serving and doing thier duty also.

    Yes its a tragedy, yes the culprits should be punished to the full extent of the law, but no more so than if they had shot Mrs bioler from 42 Endsleigh gardens.

  2. I don't think that a Policeman/womans life is any more valued than another. But for a person to take the life a of a Police officer shows total lack of respect for law and order that the Police are there to instill in society. If any person is placed in a position where they are policing society, including soldiers when on Op Tours then the death penalty should stand.
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  3. There is a difference between the Police and the Army in this instance. The police do not regularly carry. The Army do obviously whilst on Ops. Personally I feel that the death sentence for killing a copper on duty should be a capital offence. It would keep a few sh*theads off the streets, and we wouldn't have to pay to look after them in nick. BTW Mr do_nut, i've just looked at BELM and it is gone.
  4. So does the murder of a little old lady not equally show a lack of respect for the law? whether someone is killed enforcing the law or someone is killed that the law is there to protect should it matter?

    Many of the soldiers killed weren't carrying either. Especially the ones killed on the UK and mainland and BAOR

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for the death sentence, but for murder on the whole... One mans life isn't more valuable than another, no matter what thier role, job, title.......... Unless they are a jock or a pikey :D
  5. I believe that the reason that the murder of a police officer was deemed a capital offence is that it would make a criminal think twice before physically assaulting a pursuing police officer after they'd committed a non-capital offence. It's not a statement of a police officer's life being more important than the average Joe, nor was it a punishment per se, more that it would offer some protection to a servant of the state in the prosecution of their duty.
  6. I shouldn't think the threat of cpaital punishment would deter a homocidal (spelling?!) criminal from murdering anyone, whether they be police, army or civilian. But capital punishment should be in place for those who are true murderers other such heinous crimes...why should we pay for the life of a piece of crap to sit in jail?
  7. Agreed, which is why I said a criminal who'd committed a non-capital offence. The death sentence as a deterrent from killing an agent of the state doesn't work if it's also the sentence for the offence that's been committed - after all, you can't kill someone twice - but if someone commits murder knowing that they'll only get a gaol term, the threat of the loss of their life if they kill the pursuing police officers might make them think twice, unless they're a real psychopath, which thankfully few of us are.
  8. Dohnut
    The squaddies killed not carrying were not on duty at the time. That is plain and simple murder. Bring it back, dozybint is right, the deterence would make people think. It might be interesting to see how many of the so called copkillers were immigrants, and by that I mean asylum seekers etc.
  9. Its not the police officer (or prisoner officers) life that is more valuable, it is the fact that they were acting in the course of their duty. I don't think anyone is saying that the killer of a an off-duty officer in circumstances not connected to their employment should be executed. But I am anti-death penalty (accept for treason) anyway.

  10. Well, that's Gunny sorted then, who's next for the chop?
  11. Guru, I could list a number of soldiers on duty who were killed and weren't carrying but its futile. Its like saying if that policewoman was in the canteen having a brew when she was gunned down it would be different.

    My original questions was whether or not a policemans life is more valuable than anyone else.

    Murder is murder whether you are upholding the law or licking fridge magnets. A traffic warden upholds the law so if one of them is shot should they expect the death penalty too? Same with a High court Bailiff.... where is the line drawn?
  12. Where's the line drawn? Hang all of the murderers ,rapists and kiddy fiddlers!

    I'm foaming at the mouth...
  13. Agreed!

    All of them, not just the ones who fiddle coppers kids

    Not a pop at the old bill, they roll the dice and take thier chances the same way we chose to when we enlisted.
  14. This is difficult, however, the death penalty is wrong. Just one wrong verdict by a jury, just one, make`s it wrong.
    If I could absolutely guarantee that a conviction was correct then i`ll controll the hatch latch. but there have been wrong covictions.
    Just lock the fu**ers up for the whole of their lives and if they happen to have an uncomfortable time, well you should`nt have commited the crime if you cant take a joke.
  15. This applies here in the US, more then the UK, however, I shall try and explain things. If a person is willing to take on an armed police officer, with training, etc, what is that person likily to do too an unarmed populace? I'm not saying my life is more important then yours, or anyone else's. Its more of a public safety issue, then anything else.