A picture of a stupid American ( Could offend! )

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Harry_Boomers, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. The Black & Decker nose hair trimmer. I was so impressed i sued the company!

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  2. god bless america!
  3. Sweet fancy Moses! No-one that stupid should be allowed to live
  4. what a complete w*nker, does he have no brain ?Why the f*ck would you be so dumb as to stick a drill up your nose and not think that in turning it on it would be likely to rip half your face off. Tw*t!
  5. Good job his piles weren't itching that day :lol:
  6. He'll probably succeed in his claim - it is America after all.
  7. He'll probably succeed in his claim - it is America after all.
  8. I think you will find that is a pic of a guy mistakenly shot in the face.

    He was actually featured on the series 'Trauma' Discovery Channel. (Sadly can't remember the name of the Hospital)
  9. AW ... dont spoil it!
  10. Damn you Harry_Boomers! You and your false information.
  11. Sorry ............ He could have shot himself ...with a drill!
  12. only in america!!

    and we're on their side.................................how safe do you feel?
  13. Only in America!!

    And we're on their side.....................how safe do you feel?
  14. T.W.A.T.
  15. the medical bills alone would be crippling, i would have thought that considering the cost of medical care in USA which is NOT cheap ! they may be taking more care with their bodies , some actually do some of the most stupid thing such as this, some candidate for the Darwin award took place in America,

    mind i do know most American are not dimwits, the one that are give the rest a bad name :roll: