A photographic history of the RAC - Tanks not car recovery!

Okay guys
Whether it be JLR or Adult units.
Why not share the pictures that mean most to you and maybe spark so many memories of our lives on tanks from whenever to now - EVERYONE likes looking at photos so let's share our memories?
I'll start off with a couple photos
9 Troop 3 RTR disembarking from RFA Sir Lancelot at Esjberg on Ex Bold Guard 1978.

First ever issue of camnets in Batus I think 1978/79 - a lack of branches or trees in general making it a little dodgy keeping the nets off the vehicle.

MedMan 7 in the 80s, apparently first one ever where they decided we should go out on the area -42c with wind chill factor!
Bays Comet , Fanara Egypt,July 47.(note new Rhino Div sign.)
Farewell Parade, Quassassin, Egypt, Sept.47. 2nd.Armd Bgd. 1st.Armd.Div.' tanks in line, Bays,9th.Lancers, 4th & 6th.RTR.


2 Troop,C Sqn.11 Hussars. Ex Deep South,'62.


2 Troop,C Sqn.11 Hussars. Ex Deep South,'62.


soprano54 said:
bigpod said:
Technical question - wossat wheelie thing on the back. Just interested.
It is called a 'Monotrailor' and it was for carrying extra fuel, HTH.
Yeah,Mk 6 Cents fitted with monotrailers at the time,to be replaced with 100 gallon rear fuel tank welded onto back a couple of years later.Had a few accidents with monotrailers,especially when wheel dropped into trench if you were in high reverse!They were fitted with small explosive charge to ditch them in a hurry should the need ever arise.(Thankfully,never.)
Few more pics for you, sort em out.
Comet in dock.Palmanova. Italy 46.
Trainee Gunfitters at Lulworth.
Sheeted up KDG Alecto at Benghazi.47.
Alectos. 'C' Sqd. 1st KDG at Barce.Libya.47.


I was under the impression that the Alecto (SPG based on the Tetrach / Harry Hopkins light tank chassis) never went into series production as they realised that the waffer thin armour would likely make them death traps, so these images of them in service post WWII are fascinating.
Hoochie, you are not the first to make a similar comment.
KDG had a SP troop during WW2, mounted in half tracks, later had radios mounted in accompaning lorries because of shock during firing.
Used in N.Africa and Italy and did final shoot in Greece during rebellion.
Alectos were issued in Palestine, did Demo. shoot in Libya for benefit of King Idris (pre Gaddafi).
We had a few at Barce and were handed over to 13/18th.Hussars in March.48., later passed on to 16th. Lancers? when 13/18th.moved on.
I think we got Alectos in late 46 as war diaries refer to training on them in early 47. I think there is only me with pics!
I do have photo copies from Alecto manual re armament, drive etc.
They had slack tracks, easy to come off, that is what happened in previous Gallalee pics.........had to be recovered by LAD. :oops:
scarletto said:
Id put some up, but still after all this time on arrse, i aint a clue on how?
:roll: Green coveralls was it? :D
BenghaziBandit said:
Knocked out tank on Tocra Pass, Libya.
"Translation. "American Tank,British Crew, Italian Bomb(explosion), Some Chicken.
by the way, thats not an American tank, Looks Like a Crusader version from the tracks, running gear, etc.

Seems the Dagos failed AFV recognition

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