A perverse and unintentional force for good?


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I shan't mention the name of the party in question again but I came across this piece in the Telegraph today, co-written by Nicholas Soames and Frank Field.


Reading it, it struck me that, despite the furore, this whole episode has actually been a triumph for the political process in that an issue that the mainstream parties tried to ignore, but which is of significant public concern, has been forced back centre stage whether they like it or not.

The price of this is to give some questionable individuals their moment in the sun but that will pass as the issue returns to the mainstream and the left of centre vote stabilises, which it will inevitably do at some point.

My question is whether the real lesson we should draw from this whole episode is that we should let the political process work, not seek to limit the scope of debate within mainstream politics and be very vigilant when the likes of Hain attempt to stifle discussion, whether it's initiated by the likes of Griffin or his Islamic or SWP counterparts?
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as I said on the other thread, either you have a democracy with free speech for all (with the responsibilities that go with it) or not - the minute you start deciding who can and who cant speak freely, you're on a slippery slope.
I'd like to think that if the mainstream parties pick the ball up and actually do something, the BNP will be absolutely shafted.
I have been saying this for a while. I really do not believe that most of the BNP votes in the european elections were from skinhead racists as the mainstream parties/press would have us believe (sure, the core support is pretty vile but there will always be neo-nazis) but from people with a genuine concern about a serious issue. The votes gained by UKIP and the BNP at the recent european elections should have been enough to kick-start the main parties into action, but instead they chose to dismiss the issue with a casual waive of the hand. If Cameron does not give us the promised europe referendum then I will be very interested to see what happens at the next European election.
Absolutley agree with this piece. The spinelessness of Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Hain and other in the leadership of 'Neues Areit Partie' in allowing free reign to immigration, has fed peoples fears, and will push some into the hands of political and religious extremists. Its not just those in the white majority population who feel this. There are people from Ethnic commutities who possibly feel the same - enough is enough!!

It matters not whether its political or religious extremists who sweep up and engage those who feel disenfranchised from UK society. Ultimately, it is down to the social and other policies of the Party in government that create this.

The 'Neus Arbeits' leadership must be either stupid, thick skinned, disengaged from reality, stuck so far up their own 'political bottoms' and just don't give a flying 'whotsit' about the general feeling of white working class and others.
All the more reason to demand an early general election to get shot of this bunch of Pseudo-Marxist-Leninist morons and their 'Fellow Travellers'
jagman said:
Magdovus said:
I'd like to think that if the mainstream parties pick the ball up and actually do something, the BNP will be absolutely shafted.
And the electorate would be happy, win all round really.
Very true indeed! If they take the bull by the horns, then the BNP will just go back under the stone they from.
Well, as I discussed on here not too long ago, and gave the reasons why I voted BNP as well, no-one could persuade me otherwise on the issues I had.

Seems my vote is sort of working eh? I stated then that the only way the corrupt politicians will listen is if you do vote BNP. They will never get anywhere near running anything but a million votes cannot be ignored, as the amount will only get bigger if it is not addressed.
When an oily spiv like Peter Hain starts bleating and making threatening noises, I know that there must be something worthwhile in the opposing argument. I laughed out loud in the newsagents when I saw the front page of the Sun this morning . . Russell Brand wading into the argument for fkucs sake! When a useless flap of skin like Brand gets involved there is the stench of desperation in the air. A less credible political commentator could not be imagined.

For a government that has made the manipulation of the media an art form, they have seriously cocked up their handling of this affair, drawing ever more attention to the subject. Mind you, this desperate and discredited Government is never going to look serious on any matter at the moment so perhaps we have to rely others present for a credible argument this evening.
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