A personal note to the Leader of UCLs Anti Military Wing.

A personal note to the Leader of UCLs Anti Military Wing.

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Hi Sham,

How's it going? I guess you must be quite busy with end of year exams on the loom and with all your political activities.

It's really refreshing to see young undergraduates taking time out from their studies to get involved in College, Union and political activates.

Even if I do not share your views, I would take up arms to defend you from any power, foreign or domestic that would deprive you of the right to hold and express these views or your trying to bring about change through the democratic process.

As a matter of fact though, I do not share your views, but that's by the by. If you really wish to protest against the democratically elected government of the United Kingdom's sending of young men and women, many of whom have not had the educational privileges that you have had, onto operations where they risk death and severe bodily injury may I suggest the following:

1. Enquire of UCL the course fees for your particular course paid by non-Home or EU students.

2. Write to the Vice Provost stating your objection to receiving United Kingdom Government’s subsidy of your tuition fees as it is waging aggressive wars and demand that College charge you in full until the Government pulls out all of its service personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The above suggestion of course requires a level of personal self-sacrifice and commitment to your cause, which a man of political principle like yourself must feel compelled to adopt. How else can you possibly look your fellow activist in the face knowing that your education and future prosperity is being funded by a democratically elected United Kingdom Government that is waging aggressive wars.



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merchantman said:
UCL ? wot's he doing in Blackpool?
Supposedly rioting in Paris, I suppose that geography isn't his strong point :D


Cannot imagine him coming on here to read it so it may be wasted.
If he is admitting to throwing molotovs at the "forces de frappe reactiopnnaire", then perhaps somebody could post the link, so that someone with an esprit publique (moi?) can forward that link to the Surete and CRS...
Merci mon cher Airfix. Le linky est en route to the powers that etre en France as we speak...shame he isn't a islamicist activist or they might even extraordinarily render him!
I liken this action to that of hanging a monkey during the Napoleonic wars ...history will judge how silly and childlike their actions are, thank god we have a few good men and women in this county that have the opposite view
Yes...Peter Hain was big on injustice in southern Africa then. Now he keeps shtum on Mugabe, while acting like a 1970s Tory councillor and lining his pockets!
i was outraged, as a member of an otc myself i'd like to say these oxygen thieves are having a giraffe. That would never happen where i am, and it will get over-turned sharpish because it took serious mendacity and cnutishness to get it passed in the first place. I've a couple of mates down there and it might be worth a visit, just to pay my respects to the Union, like. :threaten:
No great surprise, Manchester OTC were excluded from the Metropolitan University student union in 1994 and branded “fascist, xenophobic, homophobic bigots”. This was a unilateral decision taken by the student union executive; they declined to put this to vote of their members.

When Manchester University tried the same thing, we offered to debate the issue in open forum and the union invited Stonewall. We made the meeting quorate (I think we needed 250 people) by calling for a little help from the athletics union.

Again no great surprise Stonewall and the union executive refused to enter the chamber (possible fair one, they were not in for a good time and we did have a couple of ringers) and banned us anyway. A triumph for democracy, but then again when people of this type been interested in that, not unlike the current administration.


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