A personal history

And at the end of it the website you find this;

Arthur died in Lincoln Hospital 13th July 2004 at 3.20 surrounded Joyce and his 5 children with his favourite music Elgar's Cello Concerto. Perfect.

Thanks to everyone who has felt the loss of a great bloke.
Just finished reading the site, i was gutted when i got to the last page and found he had died 2004.

Sounds like he enjoyed life though and was a graftter.

A great site - pity that it will probably eventually disappear, and his recollections lost. I'd have been interested to meet the guy: I lived in many of the places he was stationed in (India, (present day) Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaya & Ceylon), and I used to bimble about doing a bit of military/colonial archaeology - many of the places he mentioned are now buried in the jungle or just have a few clues to a WW2 function.
It shouldn't be lost, as Archive.org retains copies of most sites.

Just smiling about his musical tastes and thinking about Dad , who was very partial to a bit of Heavy Metal. :D
A wonderful site. For me this is real history and now at least there is something to remember his unique time. I wish more past servicemen had recorded their experiences like this.

It's so important for me that my grandfather wrote up his memories and history of his RE Field Company in WWII, just before he passed. I often read it and he doesn't feel so far away anymore.

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