A PC takes offence at un-PC...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. what's this story?

    An Oxford student [ okay that should have tipped me off from the start ] got tossed in the clink and fined 80 pounds for ' dissing ' a copper's horse ?

    Sam Brown had been drinking and made a remark to a London bobby on horseback that his horse looked " Gay "...according to the police, while Brown may have thought the remark ' funny '; " it could cause offence to people walking past " [ its a crime to possibly offend someone now?]
  2. Yes it is, under the discrimination act you are able to be taken to court if you make a derogatory comment based up sex religion race etc, to a friend but if a third party takes offence then that is a crime which they can expect you to be punished by

    Bad luck it sucks doesn’t it
  3. Not exactly sure how a horse goes about looking gay.

    I guess being decked out in leather and metal is a pretty good indicator...maybe the c0ckring was what clinched it? 8O
  4. Maybe the t0sser pissed him off so he thought what the hell, it's worth the added paperwork.
  5. Maybe horses hate students as well?
  6. Good to see that Plod has a firm grip of law and order priorities as always.

    Actions like this are causing the police service to slide even further into public contempt.
  7. So when we have violent crime and gun related crime going out of control, old Plod starts to use the new discrimination bill :roll:

    Fecking wasters.........we need a revolution :twisted:
  8. If only that was the case! It appears in this instance
    A comment is made by the first party, about the second party, which was heard by the third party who thought it "might" cause offense, to the fourth party who didn't hear it but "might" have and "might" have been offended.

    And thats grounds for a charge/prosecution?

    Good grief if thats the case then I want charges levelling against half the scrotes where I live because they "mght" end up as chav/scum/reporters and that offends me :)
  9. WTF is a c0ckring? :roll:
  10. Oracle check your PM's ;)

  11. So the law covers the Horse being "offended" by the comment?
    Otherwise the charge is based on a ficticous person being offended
  12. I did. I am sorry I even asked [​IMG]

    Beebs, how did you find that site so quickly? Is it one of your favourites?

    I'm going for a lie down. [​IMG]
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't kep it to yourself! Where is the URL to it, then ???
  14. Oracle, how much pain do you think it involved?
    That level of pain on a man is ALWAYS my favourite! :twisted:

    Beebs x
  15. Beebs, pain, oh the pain. (feeling unwell just at the thought)

    Snowy, don't go there, you don't want to know, trust me.