A pay query!!!!! What will i earn??

just joined the site,and i have to say what a hive of information there is
out there."What a fantastic site"

Any way back to my query, im a cpl in the Amoured corp on increment
level 3 lower band on 68.61 a day. With the "small increase" in April and
im due to finish my commanders course on the 28th May,(which will take on to the higher band)
and on the 8th june i get my yearly increment to take me to level 4.
Am i right in thinking i will be on £27.687 a year.

please make me happy :D :D :D
don't know the figures, but you should certainly go across from lower band to upper band at the same increment level. recent change :)


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tanky_boy said:
for the prompt response :D :D
What do you mean resent change :oops: :oops:
Read carefully - RECENT change, as in it changed recently ie not long ago.


(or was that a wah?)
Ask ur pay clerk to check the new pay warrant. Moving from LR to HR at the same increment level is no longer applicable to all situations. Dont know the facts though as i havent said publication at hand...

The rules have been changed since thousands of pers were owed LOTS of money with P2K!!
yep. three grand, thank you very much :D

now, to get some of the two grand back, that they took off me by taxing the five grand at 40%...
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