A painfull heart

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by baldy_fudge_packer, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Not what you may think.........

    Recently been having occasional very sharp pains in the left of my chest when I breathe in and this has started happening while I run.

    am i going to die? can any PTI/ heath guru help me with this?

  2. Right, I'm just going to put my stethoscope on the screen, sorry if it's a bit cold.

    Breathe in.........

    Breathe out..........

    Hmmmmm, sounds like it could be a chest infection, or perhaps lung cancer, or a broken rib, or something else entirely.

    Go and see a doctor for Gods sake.
  3. I'm afraid so.

    If I was you, I'd make a will ASAP, and book the funeral.
  4. Are you going to die?

    Yes, of course you are. That was clear when you were born. When are you going to die is a better question.

    If you are intelligent enough to operate a computer and write a note on ARRSE you are intelligent enough to call your Doctor. Do it now!

    Doctors may take forever making appointments for a sore toe but if you call about chest pains, esp exercise related chest pains they will see you soon or send you to hospital.

    He/they will brobably do an ECG which doesn't hurt except for when they rip out chest hair pulling off the taped on thingies. They may also do a blood test to check for heart damage.

    I am septic type but have some medical experience w. NHS when I had chest pains on a transatlantic flight and was taken by ambulance to hospital near Heathrow. Medical care/nursing care was excellent. Only criticism was 1) urinal far too small for someone getting large quantities of IV fluids 2) they fed me something called "Shepards Pie" that clearly had been made from a very old,tough, gamey shepard.

    It turned out to be gallbladder, not heart and I had surgery back in the US which is another story but turned out OK.

    Just remember if I read on ARRSE that you have dropped dead I won't be writing "RIP". I will be writing "Why didn't the stupid fecker see a doctor"

    Good Luck!
    (and have a happy Christmas)
  5. oke doke dint think it could be that serious if you dont hear from me in a week then im dead (if im lucky enough to see a doctor that fast)

    O yes forgot to mention coughing up blood will that get me to a doc any quicker?
  6. Obviously your heart's trying to jump out of your chest. I suggest black nasty, or sniper tape if you've got some to hand ;) .

  7. How's the Old Fella?. Still working?. Good, then have a quick one. It could be your last!.
  8. dead or alive ?
  9. You could have a lung problem, get it checked out, if the news is bad then you can pass the hat round early and attend your own wake
  10. RIP packer........................

    Coat, gone.....
  11. Your username alone ensures that you should die preamaturely. Have a nice day.
  12. Congratulations, you have just joined the I.F.C. ( I'm Fcuked Club )

    Next club will be the R.I.P.
  13. I had similar symptoms, although never when i was running. I went to the doc and it turned out to be a problem with a muscle in my back/shoulder. After a visit to the physio it was soon sorted. Alternatively do a search and look for some streches that may help.
  14. Naaa. It's just his heart telling him its not working hard enough. When he gets the pain, he should load up his bergen with more weight and just 'push through' the barrier. Just like a stitch.

    Dr Flasheart PHd