A pain in the Tibialis Posterior?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by muck_savage, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm applying to join the Army and I am waiting for a date to do Med/Physical tests. I play football and have been buliding my running fitness and upper body strength since last November.

    Until now I've never had a problem with my legs/ankles, but I've recently started suffering from Tibialis posterior tendonitius, so my GP says anyway! After a short while running my lower shins (at the front, about 5cm above the ankle) feel like they are getting tighter and tigher. Then it becomes difficult to pull my toes upwards when walking, running is impossible.

    She [my GP] sent me to the local hospital for inserts to be made for my runners. Also she recommended seeing a Physio, but I can't really afford that at the moment. I took a break from running for about three weeks, instead I have been walking or swimming. Before this problem I had managed to consitantly get my time for a 1.5 miles under 9 miniutes. Today I tried to go for a gentle jog but could hardly do a mile! I could have cried :cry: .

    Has anyone any advise that could help? I'd try anything! Would it be worth me seeing a phisio or are they a waste of money?

  2. Auld-Yin

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    With that avatar I take it you are thinking of joining the Republic's army :lol: :twisted:
  3. Definately worth a visit to a decent Physio - from your description it could be a range of things - none of them to do with your tibialis posterior ( that is round the back of your leg , you see...... ) There must be some sort of NHS srevice where you live - the GP can refer you. if not, see someone privately who has experience of Sports type injuries rather than just treats old grannies!!!! PM me if you want any more info.

    Good luck

  4. No Auld_yin, I'm trying for the British Army - otherwise I would have posted my question on the Irish Military Forum! :D

    I wan't to be a killer! Escorting securicor vans full of cash to the Bank doesn't push my buttons (no offense to the Irish Defence Forces!).

    Despite being of Irish Catholic origin my leg still hurts!

    Slán agus bennacht!
  5. I take yir no a mason then?
  6. Auld-Yin

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    Just as well the Cameronians are no more!!!!!!!!
  7. Nice one! Best bet is to see a physio. I had some problems with shin splints and ended up getting fancy inner-sole jobs for my boots and it worked a treat. The Doc will try and fob you off by saying "staying off it" until the inflamation goes down, but if you dont fancy that try going to a university where they teach podietry (sp?) Most of the students would be happy to have a live specimin to work with.
    Don't know if your in Belfast or what, but try getting to Queens, I'm sure there's some one there who can help.

    T C