A nurse stole a dying war veterans wallet

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ukdaytona, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. they walk among us......

    A nurse stole a dying war veteran's wallet to pay a telephone bill, Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard.
    Veronica Harold, 47, admitted theft and fraud by falsely using 83-year-old Albert Davies's Barclays Bank card to pay a £248 BT bill.

    She took the wallet while it was inside his bedside locker at Fazakerley Hospital in Liverpool last August.

  2. Well what do you expect with the words "Nurse and Liverpool in the same sentence"
  3. scum, she should be struck off but she is a nursing assistant.

    people like that have no shame.
  4. burn the witch.... she obviously is....
  5. Scum...let's not do a disservice to nurses on this one though..

  6. I feel for the nurses, as they are an underpaid, under-acknowledged, and highly skilled set of key workers (much like the Army), but theft is theft, and it's wrong!
  7. Better still, send her to Afghanistan or Iraq to work in a field hospital.
  8. This is not the NAAFI bar, this the serious bit. So are there not many hundreds of Nurses in Liverpool who look after the many hundreds of Veterans there too? I myself have been looked after in in a number of hospitals accross Liverpool and found the nurses and staff to be spot on.
    Unfortunately this isolated incident has happened and without sounding like I am defending the woman which I am not, does anyone else not find the fact that a nurse has to steal to pay her phone bill pretty terrible too? She should not have done what she did but she has been punished now and hopefully realised what she did was very wrong, especially to a man of that age and background.
  9. Not until all my pockets have locks put on them and i have perfected my scouse accent and grown my hair :D and purchased a new track suit. :D
  10. Apologies you are right - should of not made light of it....but

    Mag_to_grid did it not occur to her not to use her mobile, I dont know but I suspect that is what her phone bill is for... not actually a neccessity is it, priorities is something sadly lacking when money and debt rear their ugly heads, I tend to lean on the side of pessimism when it comes to someones character, you can rest assured she is only sorry because she was caught
  11. Nope cos the article says she was also giving money to her druggie son.
  12. burn the witch she needs a lesson on morales that not on
  13. My bold. I agree with that statement 100%. It's the wishy washy "You've paid your debt now carry on" attitude tha's resulted in half the theft that goes on in the country (In lots of countries).