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My grandfather served with the Gordan Highlanders during the second world war.  Nine children later his decorations have all been lost, for his birthday this year I would like to buy replica medals and have them mounted for him.

What I would like is advise as to how one goes about finding out which medals he is entitled to without asking him directly or trying to coerce his service number from him - both of which would arouse suspicion and ruin the surprize.

Any suggestions would be tip top.



You need to write to the Army Medals Office, giving them as much info as you can-his service number would be best or if not then his DOB etc

should give you more information.  For the medals themselves there are a number of companies that advertise in the back of Soldier magazine or look in the Yellow Pages under  Stamp/Coin/Medal dealers

Hope this helps


The old RHQ might be able to help. fair enough, the regiment's long gone but the museum is still there and might be of assistance.

The Gordon Highlanders Museum
St Lukes Viewfield Road

email- museum@gordonhighlanders.com

good luck h-h.


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Flash is right, and it's worth noting that thir records are all pretty extensive and dusty, as they have all been stored on old shelves in a small room for many decades.

The AMO is one of the last little places which is truly worth a trip to if you can, and if anyone ever complains about the length of time it takes to get a GSM, remember that there is only one little chap stamping the names on with the same old press!


if you go to kew gardens in london, national records, they hold all info on all service personel .... all there cr`s awards what where they have been etc, the problem beeing that if the person is still alive you will not be able to gain access to his records. "data protection etc "

you possibly could find out what awards he has if you are nice to them there......they have done this for me before, not given me access to cr`s etc but told me what medals etc. for this you will need regie numbers at lest !
one way to get his number with out asking is check marrige certificate (if married whilst serving?) they some times put regie numbers on there?


if you are going to find out what medals he has you really need his service number rank etc.....

if you are serving ? next you speak with him just say how you cant belive that sprogs these days are joining with numbers representing the population of china ! and what was his number when he joined.......BINGO!

he wont be to sus on you having his regie number, with this info you will gain the info reqd.

i did it this way with a relitive !

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