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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. At least I think so, and no its not a question about getting a medal for writing (or even reading) a novel on tour :)

    What I'd like to know is what is the prime time period for doing 22 years or longer and getting the absolute maximum number of medals possible?

    I would guess from about 1982 - onwards; that way you could get Corporate,NI,Cyprus,GW1,Op Haven,Angola and the various plethora of Balkans gongs before moving on to Iraq and Afghgan. Any Ive missed? Ive not taken into account LS&GC or Gallantry awards.

    PS - Yes, its been a long day.
  2. Are you including bars to the Campaign Service Medal (aka GSM)?
  3. If you had used 1979/80 as the starting date you could have had the RHODESIAN MEDAL (I am unable to remember the correct title for it).

    Or start date from 1977;

  4. No,while bars are good they dont catch the eye like an extra medal does.Sorry, but its sheer numbers of gongs I'm after.
  5. (Theoretically perhaps but in practice no chance. If you take
    '77 as your start date you will have done well to be CO, Adjt, 2i/c or RSM that quick.
  6. I stand corrected, and have just given myself 5 extras.
  7. Correct, they did that at 11 Signal Regiment. The Regiment got three to issue, guess where the other two went...lol
  8. And the lucky 30,000 folk who got one of those were lucky they did - the Labour Cabinet was all set for scrapping it to save money!
    BBC NEWS | Politics | The battle for the jubilee medal

    Bizarrely, according to W'pedia, Canada also got 30,000 (population c34 million) to dish out.
  9. Now theres a good e-petition to start. Silver Jubilee medals for those who were serving in 1977 but got stiffed by those cheapskates.
    Got to be at least as much fun as the NDM ?
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  10. FFS no, don't even think about it. And yes I was serving in '77 and no I didn't get one.
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  11. Not that the Silver Jubbly meant anything, really.

    The OH was going to get one of the 2 allocated to her HQ, but the spare one was given to a guy who was about to retire in 3 months. Whatever ... it's one of those things where it's either given to everyone at the time or just forget it. Unless, of course, a cheap-skate Government says "You can have one, but they're £25" at which point the Outrage Bus turns into a oversized F1 Transformers monster and vomits all over Whitehall.
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  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    Canada is an independent country that makes it's own rules on how it dishes out it's own medals. The Canadian Silver Jubilee Mmedal was a discrete medal from the UK one although it had the same ribbon so was the QGJM and will be the QDJM.
  13. You're looking in the region of 12 maybe 13 tops I would say. As not everybody would get on every tour, I've got a mucker sitting with 10 at the moment. Who joined 86 and has been on most tours that were going, he missed the SFOR bosnia and the DROC OSM. He will however get the ACSM 11 now under the new rules. So takes it to 11 plus are we counting loan service medals? Which he may get in the future? One is LS&GC but no Gallantry or MBE's or shit.
  14. If you started in 82 you'd have to be an LE or a very LSL, also if you'd done 22you'd have been quite unlikely to have gone to iraq and afg in your last 2 yrs of service, not impossible though.

    Starting in say 1988 heres a fair lot of bling for you:
    British campaign
    DR Congo

    Op essential harvest

    East timor


    I reckon it would be entirely possible to get 14+ if you happened to be in the right unit at the time. I think there has been a discussion on here before. But upwards of 12 you are almost certainly a snr WO or LE