A (Norfolk) Company 1 R.Anglian

i have just had the pleasure of seeing these lads on the freedom of great yarmouth they should now be haveing a meal at the local masonic lodge with plenty of ale supplied by local brewery. thousands attended including local youth organisations ,well done boys. :D
Sadly, for me at any rate, I have scant personal knowledge of this gallant unit.

Well done you soldiers! You deserve all the honours that come your way.

Well done the 'civvys' who have made this gesture -

Great Yarmouth I think! (No wonder you are called GREAT).

Well done as well to the brewery involved!!

That is the 'thanks and gratitude' real soldiers appreciate - not f'ing politicians poncing around in operational areas being photographed with smiles on their dishonest and disgraced faces.
We have had a great reception from all over East Anglia, we all appreciate the support. We also had a good reception in Guildford shortly after we got back. The Bn memorial fund is now well over £200,000, all thanks to the generosity of the East Anglian people.
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