A non HAC thread (thank fcuk)

brettarider said:
Sick of the shite about the HAC so what unit's are represented on here?

Me, 251 Sqn STR
I never took you for the jealous type VESPArider :D :D
brucewillis said:
Okay - I'll bite!! :D

Jarrod - I aint gay - dinny panic...


Am I havn a dumb blondd moment or is it "Wummin Really Are Better Cooks"?

I struggled to find a clean solution to that acronym.

(What does A.C.R.O.N.YM. stand for anyway???) :D

edited to add; please dinny say it stands for RAB C....
brucewillis said:
Women's Royal Auxiliary Balloon Corps.
Of course!!!

I apologise for my mong-ness, I was too engrossed eating ice cream. But I'm back at the day centre tomoroow for a balloon modelling workshop with the rest of 5MI. :D
I am the OC CQB at JCBJHQ. However I'm currently attatched to 556's IRT with the SMGG.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
7 Fish and Chip battery, Duke of Toxteth's Light Yeomanry, 2nd Regiment of Foot and Mouth.
7 Pie Eaters.

Capbadged RLC due to defence Cuts

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