A non-combatant of relatively junior rank

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LostBoss, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. The RAF Doc who refused to soldier in Iraq has had his appeal to dismiss the case thrown out.

    The times has this story

    Crad Doc called a non com tom

    the Judge advocate says this of him

  2. Strong views on this but i'll wait for the CM to finish... No doubt PTP will lock this thread.
  3. In plain terms, i think the judge wanted to say - "Get back in your box!"
  4. That could describe just about every RAF officer or airman I have ever met!

    Crab Tw@ts.
  5. Groucho Marx said "Military justice is to justice what military music is to music". Don't know what it means but it always looks good to add a quote. Only a pre-trial I see, all very formal, comfy chairs and tea and biccies no doubt.

    I had a local court martial myself which was the usual "Do you accept my award?" and "Yer why not" type thing but was escort to a barman charged with maximizing his profits under section something of the something act. Was amazed at the incompetence of anybody supposedly legal. The defending officer had an excellent grasp of "no questions at this time" and is still probably still trying to think of one now. I thought of a few but I was up the front and didn't really know if I was escorting the prisoner or marrying him such was the confusion at the court martial.

    The guy refused to obey orders, he thought he was morally correct, if it's got as far as a court martial then he's guilty, it's just a matter of how guilty they think he is. That's the military justice system we all know and love (?).
  6. As far as I was aware the officer who is present for the defence is solely there to provide assistance to the accused on the procedures. He is not there to represent the accused, that is the job of the defendant's lawyer.

    Having served on 2 Courts Martials I do believe the system to be fair. In both cases I would have found the accused guilty, that is until both sides put their cases forwards. In one case the individual was found not guilty, in the other the case had to go to a re-trial because of an uinderhand trick played by the defendant's legal representative! The system is fair because the Officers' and WO's who serve on a Courts Martial do not want to be responsible for finding an innocent man guilty.
  7. But surely if they weren't guilty they wouldn't be at court martial...............

    I'll get my wig.
  8. I could think of a few more...particularly for CRAB officers...Sangreal...AARAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH
  9. I sit corrected on the first point. The defending officer just sat there (very decorative) and it was the civilian lawyer that had the excellent grasp of "no questions at this time" but strangely enough reduced the level of guilt to a financial level that justified his presence there.

    On the second point I was only at one court martial and I've seen kangaroo courts showing more respect to the legal process and despite the presence of the judge advocate, there were some rather confused people (including me) that did not help it show itself as a fair and proper process.

    Of course it could have just been an off day, wrong time of the month or just to confuse the civilian lawyer.
  10. There was also the matter of the cavalry officer (a Major I think) who kept smiling at me. I would think that justice would be seen to be done far more professionally if you don't try and proposition the prisoner's escort and I'm NOT making this up.
  11. I take it your reffering to a certain (now ex) Crab officer who looked like the little fella below!?

  12. I have sat on a DCM, and been the escort to a very naughty officer at his GCM.

    The defendants at the first pleaded not guilty, and the Deputy Judge Advocate told the court in no uncertain terms that it was the job of the prosecution to prove them guilty beyond reasonable doubt. After several weeks and a mountain of evidence we duly acquited them. There was certainly no presumption of guilt.

    The very naughty officer pleaded guilty.

    I can't say for any other CM but the two I was involved with were very fair.
  13. Thread locked , usual reasons.


  14. You have a good comment to make on a certain thread and it get locked :evil:

    Thanks PTP :roll:
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