A night in the fields with the piggies.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Biped, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I thought I'd report on my first boar hunt for those of you interested.

    A couple of my customers are rather good at deer stalking and also boar hunting. They have been providing me with a staple diet of boar and venison sausages, steaks and wotnot for a little while now (subject to a shop discount of course), and offered to take me out - it would have been churlish to refuse.

    They've taken a large number Boar alone in the last 6 months on the land that they work - which is a particularly large patch btw, let alone a large number of deer - including a week in Scotland in November assisting in the cull. It would be fair to say that these guys are particularly skilled and experienced in their field. I'm happy to say that it was an honour for me (a novice deer stalker and boar virgin) to be taken out by these chaps.

    I hooked up with them with my kit, which included my rifle (Tikka M595 & PMII scope plus Predator 8 moderator), 20 rnds of .308 168grn Federal Fusion, some rather natty Jack Pyke trousers and jacket, a silly hat (a must on any hunting outing - personally, I think the sillier the better, as the photo's to follow will show) and some lightwight gloves to mask up my hands.

    We had between us a rather gucci NV monocular, a 250m white lamp, my rifle and kit, and a .270 for the other shooter, plus knife, one, gralloching (for want of a better word - it IS boar after all) for the use of, carcass tray, Land Rover and various other assorted bits such as bags, gloves, wipes, chord etc.

    The aim was to have one guy with the lamp/NV kit, me, and another with the .270 doing the shoot.

    We got out and had a bit of a wander before lying up for a while under the stars. After about 20 minutes of chilling under a tree, waiting for what we hoped would be a bunch of piggies passing by, I couldn't help but note what a romantic setting it was, much to the enragement and general huffery of my two colleagues :D

    Nothing doing there, so off we trotted to 3 other locations, the last of which provided a lovely view across two fields and a hedgerow with a gap in it.

    Matey with the NV flagged up 3 of them walking in the other field towards us and it looked like they were going to come through the gap about 150yds away, so we scuttled up to the best vantage point, got down and waited.

    Once he'd marked up their location for us rifles, he got the lamp on. Immediately, matey to my left popped his in the noggin at 175yds, and I took the safe shot (engine room) on piggy no. 2 at the same distance - piggy no. 3 buggered off as fast as his little leggies would carry him.

    When we got to them, I administered the coup de grace on mine because I wanted to be sure - my first shot had taken him right through the shoulder - the right point on a pig (unlike deer) for the engine room. The other guy's boar had been shot neatly right behind the ear, and he'd dropped like a stone.

    They weren't particularly big at approx. 200lbs each, and both male, which, considering the time of year was a bonus.

    I watched closely as the other shooter cleaned out the carcasses, leaving the pluck for when we got them back to his place.

    A pretty succesful evening out, and the landowner is chuffed. The amount of damage those boar and others had done to his fields was pretty spectacular.

    I'll be getting the photos middle of the week, so I'll post them up then.

    I got two mucky fingers drawn across my cheeks for my troubles too! :wink: My reward for my first 'take'.
  2. pics please.
    I wouldnt mind going out after a porker in the UK myself, but its going to seem strange pig hunting without a pack of dogs and a long blade.
    I gotta say, hunting in the UK is taking off big time, more choice of game now and more areas seem to be opening up all the time.
  3. Pork surely?
  4. I knew I shouldn't have said it.
  5. Nice write up Biped, love hunting hairygators, they are inteligent, mean and hard as nails.We shoot them only at night over here in the long booted land when it is full moon as light and NVG is not allowed, so we tend to shoot much shorter distances.You know what the meaning of bled like a stuck pig is now too , boy do they have alot of wet stuff in em eh? looking forward to the pics. Well done.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks bud. Hairygators indeed - I've heard some tales of close calls already - most of them involving a change of underpants on arrival back at base.

    The deer grallochs I've seen have all been pretty tidy affairs - almost clinical, but as you say, not so with boar - claret all over the place - in the field as well as gallons more when they got tidied up on the hook. Messy old game innit?! :D

    I'm definately going to try and get out to do this more often - boar sausage is fantastic!

    As for doing it by moonlight in Jakbutenland - must be a rush!
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Here you go.

    I'm afraid it was late at night, and the photos were taken with a mobile phone - I've done what I could for brightness, but they still look sh!t. Next time, I'll take a proper camera!

    The shot was angled more than I would have wished, so went through the chest cavity and came out along his flank.


    This is apparently called the New Zealand Pose or something - bl00dy heavy!

  8. nice one! they are good looking porkers, proper 'razor back' looking animals or 'captain cookers' as called downunder.
    I honestly still find it hard to believe that they let wild boar loose in the wild here in the UK, in a few years from now some areas are going to be overun by wild porkers with a lot of landowners and farmers complaining about rooting damage and loss of crops and stock ( they can demolish a field of root veggies in a night and they will attack and eat pregnant ewes and new born lambs). the huntings going to be great :)

    in the 'wild pig scrounge' that will be coming, mybe UK hunters should suggest to the gov and electorate that the best way to control feral boar is by hunting them with dogs. :twisted:

    'Lifes a Boar' NZ pig hunters site > http://www.lifesaboar.co.nz/
    you have to register to see the best pics, theres some excellent 'action' shots of boars with dogs hanging off them.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Hunting boar with dogs? In this country? Never going to happen - and personally, I feel with good reason too.
  10. hi biped i was reading about ur night out with the pigs you got two of them then, can you tell me more? nice photo by the way, have you got any more photos
  11. Hi byped . I noted in your report that you use a gucci nv monocular is this the makers name and were do i get one from only it sounds like a good one
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, Pigger and Deery, thank you for your wah.

    I shall respond in likewise manner.

    Piggy - I was the king of the fields that night, I can tell you. Those two mugs with me? Well, they learned a thing or two, believe you-me! Little did they know when they took me out that I would show 'em up good and proper. I was a little concerned as to the sexual preferences of one guy in particular, but hey, he had a gun so I wasn't going to argue, and it was night, which meant that nobody could see us anyway. What goes on during a boar hunt, stays with the boar hunt, know waddah mean?

    Deery - The scope was not of the Gucci brand of course, because Gucci don't make NV scopes. The scope was a 'Carlsberg'. As in, if Carlsberg did night vision . . . .
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    :wink: Nice one mate, well done, I see you can stay up late but cant get out of bed in the morning! :roll:
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Exkoose moyee? Confused feller!

    BTW - them to wahists (amateurs at wahing to be sure) are the guys who took me out that night. Great guys. :D