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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. As the year winds gently down, wouldn't it be good to have a thread about nice things. What's the ......shit, I think that was a broken bottle!.....nicest thing for you, chaps?
  2. Taking bets on how long till this one's hooped...
  3. This sort of nice?

  4. Or this sort of nice?

  5. This has been tried before;The Nice and Fluffy Thread IIRC.
    Got binned in 0.000028 of a second,or thereabouts.
  6. i hate fecking cats savage little barstards will have your eyes out
  7. apparently they feckin' love catnip. Gave some to my cat a few years back, he died 6 months later from lung cancer.

    Tried it myself once, still don't know what all the hype was about.
  8. Some nice people would call that perception, if they could spell it. Intuition is another one. Niceness .....well. what the Hell is it? To kiss a chav? To tell a Muslim that it reaally is bad to shag goats? To tell an American that their flag is only material ?If ya get bored over Xmas and want a read I am plugging this one - The Fairy Gunmother by ........ oh fuck, I am so sorry, but this man is French, it goes against my natural, but.. Daniel Perrac>Brilliant writer, brilliant book....what more can one say?
  9. Strongbow? Wanna taste perciiiiiiiption? Pepermintovy liker plus borovickka. My address, my caaaaaaaar, m.......... yes officer.
  10. Steady on, he may be barking,but at least he's not certifiable like Oldgoat :D
  11. Barking you say?

    I'd suggest that he's certifiable....
  12. But quite entertaining none the less. Apparently it's who Paul Whitehouse based this character on:
  13. :D :D

    my misses has 2 cats. when im bored (and shes not looking) i will pour a little catnip on the floor between them.

    it amuses me watching them tear lumps out of one and other in order to get at the wee pile of brown cat cocaine.

    Its like throwing a pair of tramps a fiver and telling them winner takes all.
  14. He's Dagenham, three stops past Barking!
  15. Random, you got it ..... that is my uncle and he taught me everything, apart from Calvados.