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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by angel_delight, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Hello there. Perhaps someone can help here? I'm looking for a nice intelligent man to wine, dine and romance me. I'm sure that on this site there is someone who fits the criteria?? All offers will be considered.
    I'm 22 and i work in Admin. I have heard that soldiers are a good laugh with a bad rep. Are you the bad boy i'm looking for? Are you the one that can make me laugh? Are you the one i can tame?
  2. She was doing so well until that very last line...
  3. On this site???? From experience, not likely hunny.

    Try www.uniformdating.com or www.girlsdateforfree.com

    You still wont find any of your criteria on there, however you will recieve less incoming than you are about to x good luck x
  4. Or maybe who could tame me then?
  5. How about we use a cattle prod for a vibrator on you then chuck you in a skip?

    If youre after cock, suggest you sell your self on a street corner. You might make enough to buy a McMuffin.
  6. Angel delight, I am cleverer than a box of clever clogged clever things, I help old ladies accross roads and step over spiders instead of on them.

    I know which knife and fork to use and can conduct myself in semi adult company.

    I have a penchant for physical abuse however and a date with me would undoubtedly end up with a smashed cheek bone and a very sore anus.

    Still interested?
  7. Your bum hole still sore from the last time, mdn?
  8. Nice, intelligent, man. All three are incompatible. I tried all three in turn and only one works at a time.
  9. I prefer their salads.
    MDN you sound perfect. I dont mind smashing a blokes cheekbone while i roger the life out of his arrse with a strap on.
  10. So, youre a fat lass then?

    Geoffrey Dahmer would think mdn was perfect.
  11. No, hence the salads
    Are you a fat bloke? is that why you mentioned Mac Donalds?
  12. AD if you are keen to get involved with this lot, then I would recommend taking an Air Berlin flight and checking into the charming hotel that's opposite the entrance to Roberts Barracks. The chaps that frequent this establishment are renowned for their intelligence, witty banter, charm and softer side. If you meet enough of them, then I have no doubt you'll find one willing to take you on a date to McDonalds and after an evening of fine dining and scintillating conversation, you can take him back to your room and beat the crap out him, he'll love it!
  13. I've never frequented a McDonalds thanks.

    From what I can gather, the only people that eat McD salads are the sort that order a Diet Coke with their McTriple cheesburger, XXXL fries and tub of McLard to make them feel as though they are on a diet.

    Pic up in the gallery to prove you aint a bloated heffer.
  14. Its a bit of a way to go just for a Mac Donalds. Can't we go to the one nearer the area of Chillwell? Jolly good idea though.
  15. Yes The_lord_flasheart. They're also the sort who would rather eat dog turds than a salad. Do you have a gallery picture? One good turn deserves another.