A New Website ???

I Have had a realy good idea for a website, it's nothing untoward and would be realy helpfull in the UK.

- Can anyone tell me how to go about this.

- Any decent websites which can help.

- A Rough idea of cost.

All appropiate idea's wpould be helpfull.

Many Thanks.
Need more details to give you an idea of cost.
If it's a single page of static text & images that's going to get 10 visitors a day, then something like £2/month will be fine.
The sky really is the limit though - it all depends on exactly what it is & how busy it will be.



Bad CO

BTW - I would strongly recommend that you approach BFG 9000 (above) if you want some decent help!
Cheer's it's a start.

I Would imagine the website will start off quite small depending on the advertising i can achieve. It will be the public that will make it work, the more information they put in the better. It is not a pay site so no credit card details needed etc. allso no video clips involved, so i am not trying to compete against YOUTUBE.
If the public are 'putting in the information' you're immediately putting up the cost - it's going to need a database of some sort to store the information for a start.
Feel free to send me a PM with exact details & I'll offer any advice that's relevant.

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