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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by pitbull10, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Hello
    Just notes to let as many people as possible know about a new Website set up for ex members of the Glorious 12 th Regiment Royal Artillery. A Great place to Meet old friends from 12 Reg.
    It has been set up to bring together ex members of 12 reg RA has been running for 6 months with a good set of members. it is your site with your friends , any suggestion to improve will always be looked at and acted upon if the majority want the change, Somewhere easy to use, which will not be moving in the future? The general format will stay the same.
    it is a members only webpage and forum and validation will be needed to join. its secure, has live chat box , photo gallery, as well as a full forum for each battery including attached personel to 12 reg over the year.

    So come along and have a look meet up with old mates from your era.

    look forward to you joining.

    thank you

    Rob (site admin)
    A Great place to Meet old friends from 12 Reg
  2. growing everyday , lookup some of your old mates.