A new way forward in British politics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. The GKP - a new way in British politics

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  1. Whilst discussing the manifestos of the mainstram political parties today, we considered some ideas that were originally designed for shock value but after detailed consideration we realised that the benefits to society, would be manyfold, so here is the manifesto of the Granny Killing Party.

    1. Grannies will undergo a phased but mandatory euthanasia programme. The benefits of this are huge.

    a. The reduction of state benefits to older people will be massive thus reducing the tax burden.
    b. Bed blocking and hospital waiting times will be a thing of the past.
    c. Hold ups on the roads will be history.
    d. Eliminates future pension blackhole issues.
    e. Frees up housing stock removing smelly eldery sorts from houses suitable for families, especially those paying tax.
    f. Exemptions exist for the following; childcare, puts grannies to good use saving poorer famlies from child care costs.

    We have chosen old women rather than men since they live longer and make more of a fuss about the joys of their antiquity. Since they lived through the war, they are used to sacrifice, we are only asking for one final sacrifice for the good of the country. Single women will be targetted since the married ones will be of some benefit to the men for whom they provide domestic services. However, married grannies can be puy forward for removal, with a months grace for redemption, by their husbands should they be insufficent.

    2. Three criminal convictions then castration. Once is a mistake, twice is an issue, third time - removal from the gene pool.

    3. Asylum seeker hunting will appease the hunting franterity and remove Britain's latest pest, whilst giving them a sporting chance.

    4. Medical experimentation on criminals will appeal to the bunny huggers in society and removes any dubity on the suitability of the results of vivisection.

    Those interested in supporting the party are welcome to contribute their own grandmother for early consideration.
  2. My grandmothers have already shuffled off their mortal coils so I can't volunteer them for this, but I'm sure they'd have been up for it! :lol:
  3. These people understand what is needed of them, they have already asked what they can do for there country once before, now it is there countries turn to ask of them.

    Vote GKP
  4. As per DB's post - I go with what I know!