A new walt in the making?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trademarklondon, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Well at least he got some litter picked up.
  2. I remember a AAC navigator who had all the police gear and blue flashing lights on his ford Orion. I think it was something to do with stopping ladies and letting them off if they did him a favour. Then he was Ginger and welsh
  3. It's curtains for Wayne Dawes, but he was framed.

  4. I`m presuming that`s his motor, surely some top copper should`ve sussed him at the event, never seen a Capri being used as a plod car, certainly not these days.
  5. Possibly boredom of working for G4S as a SO maybe in between rounds?

    If it's not a Soldier it's a Copper,

    Next it'll be a firefighter..... Opps sorry AssestCo have that already covered...
  6. So he's done more than a PCSO?
  7. The guy is a dick. I haven't seen the peelers in a 2.8i round here since the auld biddies got squashed in a bus crash in 92. And RED and blue lights combo? Don't think I have ever seen that on a UK police vehicle. Still, as Slick says, why wasn't this grunting mong pinged sooner?
  8. OOH I bet that made a few plastic plod wince, made me laugh though!!
  9. Looks like that's not his car, just taking the oppurtunity to pose with it. Note a few other blue lighters in the background. And the caption says "posing with police vehicles"
  10. I used to know a bloke who had blue flashy lights fitted behind the air intake on his Lamborghini. Said they were great for getting slow people to move out the way on the motorway. I'd imagine the Old Bill would have taken a dim view of it if he'd been caught
  11. Correct,it was the ACPO Conference at G-Mex.
  12. Could have just joined the specials and saved himself the Embarrassment and got the excitement he was looking for.
  13. If only it wasnt for this part of the story
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Walt central then? The guy is leaning on a ******* Ford Capri. He's not saying he was third over the balcony. Jesus. Hoy, Daily Mail? Go to IFSEC. Ask if thats a sun bed tan or were you with the Selous Scouts? Walt Hunters? Worse than ******* Walts in my view.