A new Universal Carrier

As part of my job as an HGV driver I went to Collie where they were converting those 432s into Bulldog spec. I couldn't believe how quiet they are. Moving around, gone is that screaming engine to a pleasant purr. No NBC pack so a bit of extra storage internally.
There's a recycling possibility there. Cutting the body down to make something on the lines of an old UC. Flat floor would get 2 or possibly 3 pallets down the middle.
Too sensible an idea . It will never happen .
Apparently everything needs armour now...
Because 5 years later there'll be a lynch mob of relatives litigating over why their loved ones were sent out in unarmoured vehicles when the MOD knew it'd be dangerous out there....

Here's a crazy idea. I've just mashed this up using an image I found online. This is my concept built on the Haaglunds BV series. Crew protection, good mobility.

Basically a slightly smaller and updated Stormer, or a play on an old classic Steyr RSO




Cut flat gives you the stormer, I considered one for a gunbus actually!
Someone mentioned the Stormer a lot earlier. As a support vehical , would it still need to have the driver/commander to be fully enclosed. If majority of the front bodywork was removed you could double stack them for transport ie by air. For arguments sake, how many CVR(T) could you get on a Galaxy transport.??
Look at the Russian Gaz tracked carriers, with five or six roadwheels per side. Very close in scope to the original Bren carrier, with a low profile engine like the one fitted to the BMP-1 series. A crew cab in front, with a cargo or pax compartment behind. Sufficient room inside for six to eight people in the smallest version or three or four prone casualties or several hundred kilos of cargo and light enough to be lifted by a Chinook or similar helicopter.
I was thinking mini moke. Lower than a standing bloke, cage on the back with the Bergen's and jerry cans in.
Needs a jap engine though?
It could work!
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