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Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 4:34 am Post subject: SCRAMBLED EGGS DE LA NUT.


i would say the only major change is adding the cum to you scrambled eggs. also add some monterey jack cheese if wanted.

4 eggs,
about half a cup pace sauce,
monterrey jack cheese (about 2 slices)

::mix all together
::(scramble the eggs)
::when ready/scrambled to your personal preference, i like excrete
semen right over the top of my eggs.

_______________________________________________ _ _ _
if you liked this dish....
::try cumming on your glazed donuts. not only are the donuts warm and
toasty, the "icing" melts right in your mouth.
teh booty juice > cum
So the next time you have to run to the canteen/naafi shop/staff rest........
esp. if they ask if you want sauce with that, politely refuse :D .

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