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from today's ModWeb:
( disclaimer - I just posted it guv....)

" Britain's troops will get thousands of state-of-the-art new vehicles as part of the biggest military truck procurement for 25 years, Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach announced on Tuesday 12 October.

MAN ERF military trucks
Vehicle manufacturer MAN ERF is in line for the £1.1 billion contract to build and support a fleet of military trucks and recovery vehicles, creating and supporting hundreds of jobs across the UK.

The deal with MAN ERF, who have been chosen as Preferred Bidder for the contract, means Britain's Armed Forces will get an advanced truck and recovery vehicle fleet which will be assembled at sites across the UK.

The project, which is consistent with the Government's Defence Industrial Policy, will provide our Armed Forces with over 5,000 modern, versatile and robust support vehicles from 2007, with an option to buy thousands more under consideration. The vehicles will be capable of transporting large quantities of bulk equipment to our front-line troops wherever they are operating in the world.

Lord Bach, Minister for Defence Procurement said:

"I am delighted to announce the selection of MAN ERF as preferred bidder for this important contract. It will give our Forces one of the most advanced support vehicle fleets in the world, creating hundreds of jobs across the country while ensuring the British taxpayer gets the best possible value for money. It is good news for our Armed Forces and good news for the UK. "

"These trucks are the workhorses of our ground troops and they will bring our front line forces a much improved capability for transporting vital supplies while on deployed operations. They are far more capable than their predecessors and will have improved cross country capabilities and the ability to be fitted with blast proof armour. "

The new fleet will consist of a mix of cargo and recovery vehicles. They will replace the MOD's tri-service fleet of four, eight and 14 tonne cargo vehicles and recovery trucks


unemployment just went up in Dunstable then.....

Le Chevre
Guardian_Reader said:
Being a civi, why are the new trucks better than the old trucks?
When they are old in the services, they are clapped out and always remember the cheapest bidder wins the contract.

Enough said :roll:
Ive driven the MAN 18.224 its a sweet ride ,but it aint squaddie proof :lol:

I think MOD have these in mind www.MAN.co.uk then click into MAN defence ,...mill veh range

Happy trucking 8)
from today's Guardian

Row escalates over £1bn Army order
By Michael Harrison, Business Editor
14 October 2004

The dispute over the award of a £1bn Army truck order to a German firm deepened yesterday after claims that a rival consortium involving three British companies misled MPs and union leaders about the number of jobs its bid would create in the UK.

Sources at Whitehall said the rival bid from a consortium featuring the Birmingham-based van producer LDV, Lex Defence and the Yorkshire-based Multidrive was secretly amended last December to reduce the amount of UK industrial participation involved.

LDV reacted angrily when the MoD awarded the order for 5,000 trucks - the biggest UK military vehicle contract for 25 years - to MAN ERF, a German manufacturer. Half the contract will be carried out in Austria. LDV said the MoD had missed the chance to recreate a strategic manufacturing capability in the UK and secure more than 600 new jobs.

However, officials at the MoD countered that, as a result of the way the LDV bid was secretly amended, it would have created only 300 jobs and not the 600 which the consortium claimed. Although the LDV consortium was led by the US military truck supplier Stewart & Stevenson, its bid was backed by the leaders of the Transport and General Workers' Union and Amicus expressly on the basis that it would have created the most jobs and was best for British industry.

Sources at the MoD also criticised claims by a third unsuccessful bidder, the US truck maker Oshkosh, that its tender was superior in terms of performance and value for money and would have created at least 600 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Wales. The Oshkosh proposal, they said, was inferior in terms of job creation to the MAN ERF bid and was also non-compliant because it failed to meet the MoD's requirements and specification.

In a letter to The Independent today, the Defence Procurement Minister Lord Bach of Lutterworth makes a strong defence of the decision to award the contract to the German company. "To choose a company that represented a poorer deal for the UK taxpayer, created fewer jobs for the UK workforce and failed to equip our Armed Forces with the capability that they require would be not only foolish but downright irresponsible," he writes.

LDV claimed that had the contract been awarded to its consortium, it would have provided work for 140 suppliers across the country and recreated a strategic UK manufacturing capability in specialised military trucks. However, sources at the MoD insisted this would not have been the case after the decision to submit a second secret tender which downgraded the amount of UK involvement. Specifically, it was said that the amended bid involved less work being undertaken in Birmingham and by Multidrive in Yorkshire.

If this is so, then it puts the Transport and General Workers' leader Tony Woodley and his opposite number at Amicus Derek Simpson in an embarrassing position for publicly backing the LDV consortium.

LDV said yesterday that it stood by the claim that the Stewart & Stevenson bid would have been best for UK industry, saying its job estimates had been verified by the T&G and Amicus and the BirminghamEconomic Information Centre, a part of the University of Birmingham.

"For the MoD to say that our bid would have created fewer jobs is incorrect. The figure of 600 jobs was a true and fair one based on creating a strategic capability at LDV," a spokesman said. "I am not aware of any alternative bid that was put in which would have removed some of those jobs. We fought all along on the basis of the UK industrial participation our bid involved."
who gives a flying f*ck how many jobs it does or doesn't create , that should be the LAST thing on the list after
1. does it work
2. will it keep working
3. is it better than the last piece of cr*p LDV produced
4. will it ever get into service on time and on budget.

Mr Happy

Quite right SFuse, given that this needs to be a piece of kit that works I'd most happily give the order to the German speakers. Anyone that's played with their Pinz or Unimogs or the L/Rover would surely agree.

On a different vein,

I'd like to see some armoured logistics vehicles as well. AS there is clearly a need in Telic it seems a pity that the MOD hasn't grabbed some, sure, first deliveries are 2007 BUT do we really think this will be the last time we'd need them?

The geniuses at the top always assumed that the wars would be fought along simple lines and we had 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support with vehicles that fitted their tasks in that chain. The situation in Bos changed that but as we managed to get through it without any serious losses from EEF (1 x KIA if I recall from 7 Regt RLC on Grappel 4) then they've decided they can get away with it forever and yet here we are with RLC running the gauntlet all over the place and no armoured loggie trucks. Rant over.
Ah, the old chesnut:

'New trucks will be fitted for, but not with, applique armour.'

Just hope the UOR for the armour gets it to the Loggies on time.


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Some additional info, from Jane's Defence Weekly 20 Oct:
MAN scoops UK truck competition by Christopher F Foss

the order covers 4,851 cargo vehs and 314 recovery vehs, which will replace a range of Bedford, Leyland and Foden vehs currently used by the British Army, many of which are over 25 years old..............

Production of the chassis will take place at the MAN facility in Vienna, Austria with final assy of the chassi/cab undertaken at Middlewich, England. ....UK Partners include Marshall Specialist Vehicles(cargo), Fluid Transfer( unit spt Tanker) , EKA (recovery systems) and Andover Trailers (recovery trailers)....Also competing for this ctt were Mercedes-Benz (GER), Oshkosh Truck Corp(USA) and Stewart & Stevenson(USA)


FWIW. Let the bitching commence....


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