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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. We have been knocking the govt and civil servants over the way the country is run. What we have not done is come up with any alternative to the system. Society gets the government it deserves? Democratically elected representatives?

    Society in the main feels alienated from the government. They seem to impose things we do not want in a way we do not understand. Once elected, our representatives seem to lose touch with those who sent them there. There is no short term way to deal with important issues as they arise and waiting for a general election is unable to draw these failings to governmental attention. Our democratic system has evolved over a very long period and does not allow correction of the policies we reject.

    Senatorial government has not recovered from the Roman pattern. Cromwell's attempt to change things, whilst successful in the short term, did not survive. The idea of some Oracle in a cave telling holy men what to do is not an alternative - mind you, the temple virgins who were in fact prostitutes, might make that system attractive to some. These practicalities also rule out examination of chicken entrails.

    What we could do is sack all politicians and their civil servants. Each home would have a pin and chip controlled data input terminal. Wise men, elected on the basis of their skills, would prepare a for/against proposal on what needs to be done and how it should be done. There would be a weekly or even nightly presentation of these proposals with a detailed analysis of the pros and cons. The range of things needing to be done could be put to the wise men by some form of suggestion box procedure from the data terminals. Once the presentation had been made, citizens would vote - again using their terminals. Other wise men would then be responsible for framing procedures to introduce the selected matters. We could introduce a system whereby those who had forfeited their right to vote could be disbarred until their forfeit had been cleared. This would exclude any anti-social element and those who are in the country illegally. Loss of voting would also cover those who failed to contribute to the costs of running the country. Unpaid fines, tax dodgers, black economy dodgers. A radical step but it might be possible to exclude those who had not reached a basic educational standard.

    The wise men would have to be selected for their skills. The idea that someone who had been prominent as a 20 year old political activist could years later be appointed overnight as Home Secretary is ridiculous. No self-respecting private company would appoint directors on this basis. Any wise man who was consistently shown as out of step with the voting citizens would be replaced. Any project commenced after popular vote would be managed by those with proven ability to do such tasks - no more Millenium Domes or Scottish Parliament buildings.

    The Press would be restricted to reporting only items already in the suggestion box. No raising topics on their own initiative would mean we had no more emotional panics such as arms after Dunblane or Dangerous Dogs legislation. Each citizen making their own choice would mean that we would have no political parties pursuing their own yah-boo agenda where reason is subordinate to political dogma. The cost of government would be reduced where there are no MPs lining their pockets or selling privilege.

    Comments please......................
  2. Aaaahh, Switzerland 8O
  3. Nice idea.

    But who will ensure the media (TV/Radio/Print/Interweb) isn't abused by those seeking to promote their "Pet projects" in the name of information?
  4. Sback refers to Switzerland. Added USP - a licensed rifle in every home. Almost does away with democracy
    PTP was concerned that media would still interfere. Hit 'em where it hurts if they ignore the rule if the rule is approved by data input. I've often thought that we would have a better press if complainant in any libel case only had to say it was false and burden of proof was then put onto the media concerned. If they lost, really nice fines. Elton John got £1M for press suggesting his lifestyle was not Adam and Eve'ish. More like that please.
  5. All very nice in theory, but who chooses the wise men who choose what we vote on? and who chooses the wise men who implemenmt what we vote (plenty of rrom for corruption there unless we vote them in)

    Also, who decides who will be excluded from voting for being a chav or a pikey? plenty of room for mistakes (or dare i say it corruption, look at the US where large numbers of blacks were banned because they would vote for democrats)

    Also, whos to say the voiting boxes are accurate (or have not been hacked)? Look at america with thier electronic voting booths with no paper trail to check that it actually registered the vote in the right coloumn?

    As your probabbly quite aware, there is already a large voter apathy (and that is for votes every 4 yrs). Can you imagine what it would be like voting every week. people would get bored Very quickly and just ignore it.

    Think the idea is nice in theory but once you add in the humans, well it all goes tits up :roll:

    agent smith
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Make voting compulsory maybe ?
  7. Then its not a democracy...

    In a democracy, every man and woman of voting age has the right to vote, but is not compelled to vote.

    Long may it live, otherwise the politicians may drop the quality of politics even lower as they wouldnt have to appeal to people to vote. In my view, they have to justify my vote rather than expect it!

    agent smith
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, they have to justify your vote to them, but by not voting at all you're having no influence either way on whatever nefarious plans they have in mind.

    Rights go hand in hand with duties, if one can't be arrsed with taking part in the running of the country why bitch about the way things go ?

    Compulsory voting seems to work fine in Oz, why not the UK ?

    If you're unhappy with the choices given you can always spoil your ballot.
    I don't know how that would work with electronic ballots though, unless there was a box for 'spoiled vote.'
  9. It's a democractic process if, having been required by law to cast a vote, you have the option to abstain.
  10. If you're a Kangaroo shagger voting is compulsory.

    Doesn't matter if you're over here working in a Bar or backpacking around Thailand. If you're an Aussie you have to vote.
  11. completely agree. If you feel so badly about what they are doing, get out there and kick their arses (in the voting booth at least) With personal freedoms and liberties comes responsibility.

    however, i abhore the prospect of mandatory voting. Surely it is every persons right NOT to vote as much as it is TO VOTE???

    Lets not make their (MP's etc) job any easier than it has to be. They should be compelled to work for the people and represent what the people want, not just their islington PC liberal brainwashed philosophy.

    agent smith
  12. But most people would bring back hanging, lower taxes and unlimited speed limits on motorways. Apart from the middle one, they get my vote. However, with power needs to come education ie if we do increase speed limits, the death toll will rise etc. With that information, the 'great unwashed' can have their say.
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm in favour of the "Starship Troopers" approach - no-one gets to be a Citizen (and vote) without having done their (voluntary) Military Service.

    Pluse, they had some very fit birds in their 'Mobile Infantry', I seem to remember (Mmmm, Denise Richards......)
  14. I agree with the right NOT to vote - especially as a form of protest - ranks right up there with the right to free speech as far as I am concerned.

    Lets face it - look at the current range of muppets we have representing us currently, in Parliament and in Europe - are there any that REALLY have your confidence and you can say you WOULD trust to take care of YOUR interests?

  15. Is it voting or turning up that's compulsory?

    I've always maintained that if there are more abstainers than voters then that constituency doesn't get a MP or councillor.