A new spin on "Adventure Training"

I don't know what's possessed me, but I came across the ultimate Adventure Training idea.

I was googling around for new seats for a Fiat Panda when I came across THIS : The Mongol Rally.

8,000 - 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia in a car not over 1litre (and the more comedic the better!)

No support vehicle (that's declared that is) and no support services from the organisers!

What do you reckon? Would your Unit go for it? I doubt mine would lol

Any Loggies willing to take on the challenge?
I saw these this year heading down the M20 to Dover as I was on my way to Hythe. There really was a motley ole mix of cars...looked like fun and everyone looked happy, mind you they hadn't left England at this point. never saw them coming back....Now that would be fun!
That's the thing, two-three weeks getting there, I seriously doubt anyone's going to do the same on the way back - just leave the car behind and jump on a plane!!

Any REME bods wanna go co-driver? :D

Have a look on their site, it's SO funny. I like the way they keep telling you that you're on your own - no support vehicles, no AA!!
The first to cross the line this year were two RAF regiment boys in a '93 Fiat Panda Fizz called "Mary", and they covered the ground in 15 days - well done boys.

Got my "wingman" sorted, got the car, approaching sponsors, gonna go find me some REME boys and girls to make friends with, who can take the credit for the pre-trip overhaul :)

We've also got two more (potential) cars inthe team. Any other takers?

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