A new scam

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dropzone, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. A new scam - has anyone else received this:

    Hmmm....I will keep you posted! :D

    It must be genuine - it's being headed up by a 'Reverend'! :D
  2. My initial response:

  3. Can i have a share of your 'winnings', if you pay me a large sum i will never call you dropdíck again - promise :D
  4. I got one of these last year. One of the many factors raising my suspicions was the fact one of the dates quoted was 30th February!!!
  5. i had a few but obviously i binned them, i thought of sending an abusive email back but i thought better of it, the Nigerians are getting a name for themselves aren't they ?
  6. how many mails a day are you getting promising to deposit £20,000000
    for a "small fee" i wouldn't mind if the f**kers could spell.
  7. this email has been doing the rounds for a few years now and apparently (although i reckon this is urban myth) someone at my brothers work did actually send his bank details and lost his life savings after they'd cleaned out his account. like i say, believe it if you want, but it is a scam lol

    but if anyone wants to give ME lots $£$£$£$£$£$ then feel free :twisted:
  8. I just think they're funny. Who the hell could possibly fall for it?
  9. I hear a Medic did once. But he was a bit of a tosser and did deserve it as he had fcuked over a few people himself. :wink:
  10. was it you ?

    did you replace "flash" with "medic"

    kidding really :p
  11. Exact same typ of e-mail was sent to one of my soldiers last year in Iraq. However, the silly sod send his bank details and then informed the Adjt that he was a millionaire and put his paperwork in to PVR. Needless to say he was had and lost everything in his account.

    Fraud squad were informed and the poor lad did not see any of his cash. Sad thing is that during the couple of weeks that the incident was running for every bugger became his best mate!!! Dropped him like a log and took the piss when the truth came out!!
  12. I luv these things and I always respond thus:

    "Wow, way cool I am really honored and would love to take you up on your generous offer. However, I have made so much money from these deals in the past that I really must pass this one up or I will feel guilty all week.

    Therefore please send this terrific offer to Lord Flasheart . . ."

  13. GQ I am getting worried about your fascination with lord flasheart!!

    he will only betray you and sell you to the slave market when he has finished with you :D
  14. I will cc, I'm on the phone to my 'contact' in the Congo as we speak.

    GQ, as much as I am flattered with your unhealthy interest in yours truly, do me a favour mate, clear your garden of any low lying branches/rubbish etc. There will be a black wokka coming soon to pick you up.